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Title: Revolving
Pairing: Subassan (Subaru/Yasuda)
Rating: PG-13 for now (there will be smut later XD)
Yasuda Shota transfers to a new school, where he quickly makes friends. But his school and new friends seem to have secrets of their own, and they all seem to lead back to the school loner, Shibutani Subaru. Based on THIS request at JE Smut Meme that was way too good to waste on an anon one-shot. ♥
Chapter 1
Yasuda Shota stood at the gate of Osaka Noda High School, looking up at the large main academic building. Around him streams of students passed through the gates, more or less ignoring the short young man. He quickly straightened his tie and picked up his school bag. With one large step, he crossed the gate’s threshold and melded into the crowd making their way towards across the school yard.

Switching into a new school would be a scary experience for anyone, especially starting as a third year when everyone else had already been together for two years. But Yasuda Shota put a smile on his face, stepping forward. Making friends was a strong point for him, and he was sure that even if the kids at his school were unfriendly, he would be able to win them over.

Slowing his pace, he took a moment to look around the school yard, his eyes landing on a taller man in a suit. Yasuda pulled a piece of paper from the pocket of his blazer and crossed the crowd of students to meet the teacher.

Murakami Shingo was standing to the side of the walkway, watching as the students poured into the campus. “Excuse me,” Yasuda Shota spoke up.

Murakami looked down at the shorter man, “Yes?”

“I’m new here and I was wondering if you could tell me where this classroom is,” he unfolded the paper and handed it to the teacher.

“Ah, that’s my class!” Murakami smiled, his double teeth sparkling in the sun.

“Oh, great,” Yasuda smiled genuinely, glad that his teacher was young and seemed, for the most part, to be very nice.

“I’m on schoolyard duty this morning so I can’t show you around. But hold on.” Murakami stood on the tips of his toes, seemingly searching the crowd for someone. “OI!” He cupped his hands around his mouth, shouting into the crowd. “MARUYAMA, come here!”

After a few moments, two tall boys emerged from the crowd, fighting over a bag of pastries. “Can’t I have just one?” the taller of the two asked, trying to reach his hand into the bag.

“No, I said no. You’ll eat them all,” the other one pulled the bag away.

Murakami cleared his throat. “Maruyama, Ohkura. This is your new classmate.”

“Yasuda Shota,” Yasu stepped forward bowing to the two boys.

“Oh,” Maruyama quickly returned the bow and Ohkura seized the opportunity to steal the bag of pastries from Maruyama.

“Could you please show him around a bit. It’s okay if you’re a little late to class this morning,” Murakami instructed.

Ohkura and Maruyama exchanged smiles, thankful for the opportunity to miss some of class. Stepping forward, the one called Maruyama put his arm around Yasuda’s shoulder, “You can call me Maru,” he smiled, a dimple appearing on his right cheek. “And this is Ohkura,” he added, pointing to the man who had fallen into pace on the other side of Yasuda.

“Donut?” Ohkura offered Maru’s bag of pastries to Yasuda. Yasuda smiled, reaching in and taking a donut, much to Maru’s dismay.

“We’ll show you around outside first, Yasu,” Maru smiled and Yasuda returned the gesture, happy to have already made two friends.

At that moment, the school chimes played and Yasu looked around, noticing for the first time how empty the schoolyard had become.

“Let’s sit down,” Ohkura mumbled, pulling the other two towards the shade of a nearby tree.

“Shouldn’t we do the tour?” Yasu asked nervously, worried about getting into trouble on his first day back to class.

“Relax,” Ohkura commented, pulling a donut from the bag before handing it back to it’s owner. Yasu decided to follow that piece of advice and joined the other two under the tree.

“Murakami-sensei is very laid back,” Maru commented. “He won’t mind. You’re really lucky to have gotten him as a teacher. Where did you transfer from?”

“Not too far. I’m from Hyogo City,” Yasu answered, munching happily on his donut.

A friendly, companionable silence fell over the three boys as they enjoyed their breakfast. Several minutes passed before another figure passed through the gates of the school. The young man was short, like Yasu, with long, black hair. From a distance, Yasuda could see that, instead of carrying a school bag, he was clutching a guitar case in his right hand.

“Who’s that?” Yasu asked, watching closely at the young boy who walked slowly up the sidewalk towards the building, completely unworried about the fact that he was almost 20 minutes late for classes.

“Ah, Shibutani?” Maru squinted at the figure.

“Is he a classmate?” Yasu asked, finishing his donut and sucking the sugar from his fingers.

“Yeah,” Ohkura commented, watching Yasu’s unique way of cleaning his hands. “When he decides to come to class, that is.”

“I see,” Yasu wiped his spitty fingers on the front of his pants.

“Well, we should probably get to class too,” Maru stood up, hiding the rest of his donuts away from Ohkura’s prying eyes.

The other two followed suit, standing up and brushing off their pants as they walked back towards the building. Inside, Yasu followed the other two towards their cubbies, where they removed their outside shoes.

“This cubby is empty,” Ohkura pointed to one, motioning for Yasu to remove his shoes.

Another figure paused next to them, quickly removing a pair of worn hi-top sneakers. Yasu’s eyes paused on the black painted nails before slowly traveling up the newcomer’s body. Instead of a starched white button up, the boy had a black t-shirt with a skull under his blazer. An as Yasu’s eyes continued making their way up, he recognized the long hair and he was startled when he met with a pair of large brown eyes.

“Good morning,” Yasu smiled at him, shaking off the way his heart was beating quickly in his chest.

The other boy looked away quickly, grunting in reply, before putting on his uniform shoes and grabbing his guitar. He hurried away from the trio, glancing back to look at Yasu again.

Yasu frowned, “That was kind of rude.”

“Just ignore him,” Ohkura commented quietly, patting Yasu on the shoulder. “Everyone does.”

Yasu bit his lower lip, his mind still on the long haired boy as he hurriedly put on his own uniform shoes. He followed the other two towards the same classroom that Shibutani had disappeared into, still wondering about the boy’s rude behavior.

Maru and Ohkura slid the door open, entering the classroom and Yasu followed quickly behind. Ohkura ushered him to an empty seat at the back of the classroom, muttering an apology at the location before taking his own seat towards the front. Maru sat in front of him, pulling out another donut and eating it stealthily.

Murakami was momentarily distracted from their arrival as he continued scolding a student, “I know I’m a lenient teacher, but I expect you all to be here when class starts.”

There was a murmur of agreement from the classroom and Yasuda noticed for the first time, that several of the students had their attention focused towards Shibutani as Murakami continued his speech. “And I’m sorry, Shibutani, but you know about the school’s dress policy. Not only is your uniform non-regulation, but I can’t let you stay in class with hair like that.”

A look of annoyance crossed Shibutani’s face and it looked like he wanted to say something, but he bit his tongue as he noticed the rest of the classroom glaring at him. And Yasu found himself wondering what this Shibutani person had done to warrant such hated looks from the rest of the class.

He found his own mouth opening, words of admonishment ready to fall from his mouth in Shibutani’s defense. Afterall, there were worse things than being late to class. But Murakami continued his rant, “You know that there are rules regarding hairstyles. You can’t come to class with hair that long.”

The glares that the rest of the students were sending Shibutani intensified and a few of the students even laughed cruelly at the long-haired boy’s misfortune. He looked over at Maru, who was too busy eating his donuts to pay attention and Ohkura’s expression was bored as he ignored the commotion and stared at the chalkboard.

“Are you going to cut it?” Murakami asked.

Shibutani said something, and even though their chairs were next to each other in the back of the classroom, Yasu couldn’t hear.

“What did you say?” Murakami questioned, watching Subaru’s face.

“I won’t cut it,” Shibutani answered, this time slightly louder.

“Then I’m going to have to ask you to go to the principal’s office,” Murakami sighed.

Shibutani stood up, and Yasu followed. His mouth opened and closed a few times as he struggled to put into words the indignation he felt at the way Shibutani was being treated.

The rest of the classroom, including Shibutani stared at Yasuda Shota in shock. And when the two boys’ eyes met once again, Yasu didn’t miss the look of hope that crossed Shibutani’s face. Then, it was gone in a flash and the dark haired boy turned away, picking up his guitar and hurrying from the classroom.

“Ah, class,” Murakami smiled, the tension in the room gone the moment Shibutani had exited. “This is a new transfer student, Yasuda Shota.”

He snapped out of the angry daze he had found himself in, bowing to the class. “Please look after me.”


Lunch on the first day of classes at Osaka Noda High was exciting, Yasuda realized, as Maru and Ohkura dragged him across the cafeteria. Around the outer edges of the room, several tables were set up, hoping to enroll students in various clubs and after school activities.

“Maruyama!” A group of girls shouted, “Join our club!”

And Maruyama’s smile widened as he agreed, rushing off to sign up.

“Aren’t you going to join too?” Yasuda asked Ohkura as he followed the tall boy towards a table in the only quiet area of the cafeteria.

Ohkura shook his head. “I only have time for one.”

Silence fell over their table as both boys ate. Yasu watched as Maruyama went from table to table, signing up for a club whenever one of the pretty girls called over to him. “He’s popular,” Yasu nodded towards where Maru was now doing some sort of dance for a crowd.

“Yeah,” Ohkura commented before changing the subject, “Are you going to join any?”

Yasuda shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“What are your hobbies?” Ohkura asked, his mouth full of food.

“I play the guitar,” Yasu commented.

“Really? You should join the music club, then! Me and Maru are in that club too,” Ohkura suggested.

Yasu, smiled, suddenly feeling excited. “What instrument do you play?”

Ohkura opened his mouth to reply but their conversation was interrupted as a girl walked up to the table. “Um, hi.”

“Hi,” Yasu smiled and Ohkura just nodded a hello.

“Ohkura-san, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to study with me after school,” She smiled, shyly looking down at the floor.

“Sorry, I’m busy after class,” Ohkura replied, trying to sound kind.

And Yasu noticed for the first time that several of the girls in the cafeteria were staring over at Ohkura, giggling loudly.

“I’ll help you study, Misako-chan,” Maruyama smiled, suddenly joining them at the table.

“But,” Ohkura commented, “You’re sort of dumb.”

And Yasuda laughed with his new friends as he forgot all about the events of the morning, and about Shibutani Subaru, who was sitting home alone, strumming on his guitar.


Music Club’s first meeting was after school that day, and Yasu realized, that it wasn’t a club so much as a band. Ohkura was on drums, while Maruyama played the bass. There was one other member, a second year keyboardist named Ishigaki Daisuke.

After introductions had passed, and excited Daisuke clapped his hands, “Ah, it’s the first day of class and we already found a new guitarist.”

“What happened to your old one?” Yasu asked, joining the other 3 members as they sat on the floor.

“Which one?” Daisuke asked, and both Maru and Ohkura shook their heads cryptically. Yasuda raised an eyebrow, wondering if he meant that there had been two guitarists.

“Rikiya-kun graduated last year,” Ohkura replied, twirling his drumsticks. “Moved away to make it big in Tokyo.” There was a bitterness to his voice and Yasu was beginning to realize that some kind of big drama must have taken place within the club. “So let’s hear your skills.”

“I don’t have a guitar with me,” Yasuda answered, suddenly feeling nervous.

“I took one from the music room,” Maru stood up, grabbing an acoustic guitar from the corner and handing it to Yasuda.

He placed the guitar on his lap, wiggling his fingers for a moment before pulling a pick out of his pocket. “I carry it with me for good luck,” Yasu smiled. He paused for a moment, trying to figure out what exactly he should play before deciding on an original composition.

His fingers slid easily over the strings of his guitar as he closed his eyes, and he could feel excitement build in the room as he began singing.

When he had finished the song, and the last notes faded from the room, the three members of the band erupted into applause.

“He can sing too!” Maruyama exclaimed, excited by the discovery.

“He’s maybe even better than Rikiya!” Daisuke smiled.

Ohkura nodded his approval, “Did you write that song yourself?”

Yasu nodded, his face flushed with excitement and embarrassment at all of the praise he was receiving.

“This is great! I thought this year was going to suck now that Rikiya and Subaru were gone!” Daisuke continued, his voice dripping with excitement.

And then a silence fell over the room, and Ohkura was glaring at Daisuke. “I thought we agreed not to talk about what happened last year.”

“Guys,” Maruyama squeezed between Ohkura and Ishigaki. “Just forget about it. Let’s have fun, okay?”

The tension eased from the room almost immediately and Yasu found himself confused again. There seemed to be a lot of strange things going on in the school. Things that no one wanted to talk about.

His thoughts were interrupted as a knock came on the door of the abandoned music classroom they had taken up residence in. The door slid open and a girl with glasses stuck her head in the classroom. “Excuse me,” She smiled, her eyes darting quickly to Yasu. “Do you guys have time for an interview?”

“Of course, Sara-chan,” Maru stood up, ushering the girl into the room. “The first day of class and already you’re here.”

“Well, everyone’s curious about what you guys will be doing now, after what happened last year…” She trailed off blushing, and Yasu got the impression that she was skirting around the same mysterious subject they had been before she entered the room.

“Ah,” Maru continued. “Then you’ll be happy to know we found a new guitarist already.”

“Really?” Her eyes flitted back to Yasuda as she blushed.

Yasu quickly got up on his feet, bowing quickly. “Yasuda Shota, class 3-C.”

“Ah,” The girl smiled, pulling a tape recorder out of her bag. “You wouldn’t mind if I interviewed you, would you?”

“Um,” Yasu began, not sure what was going on.

“Yasu, this is Ishihara Sara. President of the journalism club,” Ohkura introduced the girl.

She bowed before sitting on the floor with the rest of the boys. Pressing the play button on her recorder, she cleared her throat before asking her first question. “Where did you transfer here from?”


Yasuda walked home slowly, a smile on his face as he happily recalled the first day of classes. In his mind, he had imagined that he would make at least one new friend that day. But not only did he make three friends, but he joined a band.

He paused outside of a music shop on his way home, eying the guitars in the window. He had a guitar at home, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to at least go in and look around.

The bells above the door jingled as he walked inside the store, gazing around in astonishment at the number of instruments that the shop owner had managed to squeeze into the store. He crossed the shop to wear there were several guitars hanging on the wall, and gingerly pulled one off, sitting on the stool.

He plugged it in, putting on the accompanying headphones and started to play. The guitar was high quality, he could tell the moment that he picked it up, and the sounds coming from it were so incredible he believed that any person could walk in off the street, pick it up, and sound exactly like Jimi Hendrix.

His eyes nearly fell out of his head as he stopped playing and looked down at the price tag.

“You have rather expensive taste,” he heard a voice, dripping with amusement, from behind him.

He pulled off the headphones and swiveled around on the stool, coming face to face with a black skull t-shirt. Looking up he immediately recognized the face, and as Shibutani’s eyes widened, Yasu knew that he also had been recognized.

“It’s you!” Yasu said, standing up.

“Ah,” Subaru opened his mouth, and then closed it, not sure what to say. Instead, he turned around, hurrying behind the counter.

“You’re in my class, right?” Yasu asked, following after him.

“Maybe, I don’t know,” Shibutani mumbled, trying to busy himself by organizing little buckets that had neon colored guitar picks inside.

“Do you work here?” Yasu asked, looking around.

“Yeah,” the dark-haired boy replied, finally looking up and watching as Yasu started wandering around the store again.

“Such a cool job,” Yasu murmured, longingly staring at the red guitar he had been playing. “You play too, right?” He asked, turning his attention back to Shibutani.

“Me?” Shibutani asked, scratching his head.

Yasu nodded, “I saw you carrying a guitar earlier.”

“Oh,” he replied, “Yeah, I play a little.”

“Cool! Maybe we could play together sometime?” Yasu asked, leaning against the counter.

Shibutani backed away slightly, “Aren’t you friends with Ohkura and Maru?”

“Yeah, why?” Yasu asked, his brows knitting in confusion.

“They didn’t tell you anything about me?” Shibutani asked warily.

Yasu shook his head, his eyes landing on the clock on the wall. “Ah! I have to hurry home for dinner. It was nice meeting you. Shibutani, right? Well, then let’s play together sometime, okay?”

Shibutani opened his mouth to say something, but the boy was already halfway to the door.

“My name’s Yasuda Shota, by the way!” He called out, smiling and waving as the door closed behind him.


The next day, Yasu brought his guitar to school and as soon as he stepped on campus, several people called out to him, “Good morning, Yasuda-san!”

He returned the greetings, wondering why everyone was being so friendly. He paused in place, looking around for Ohkura and Maru. As his eyes scanned the school yard, he noticed Shibutani sitting under a tree, strumming his guitar. His long hair had been pulled back into a knot at the back of his neck and Yasu smiled as he walked towards him.

“Good morning, Shibutani-san,” Yasu waved. Shibutani stopped playing his guitar, looking up at the source of the voice.  “Shibutani, I brought my guitar today.”

“Oi, Yasu!” A voice called, and when he turned around, Maru and Ohkura were jogging towards him. When the two tall boys realized who he was talking to, they stopped in their tracks. “Yasu, come over here.”

“Hold on. I’m talking to Shibutani-san,” Yasu called over his shoulder before turning back to the guitar player.

“Go back to your friends,” Shibutani replied, his voice sounding much colder than he had intended.

“But…” Yasu pouted.

“Fine, then I’ll go,” Shibutani stood up, placing his guitar gently in its case. Snapping the case shut, he stood, and stalked past Shota towards the school building.

Yasu stood, confused for a moment before he was joined by Maru and Ohkura. And then his eyes landed on a crumpled up newspaper that was on the ground where Shibutani had been sitting.

On the front cover of the newspaper was a large picture of Yasu under the headline, “Revolver Gets a New Lead Guitarist.”


A/N: Sorry to the anon who requested this story, especially if it does not live up to your expectations. So far, it's probably not exactly what you wanted, but I'll do my best in future chapters ♥ If you ever want to go unanon and take credit for the story, I'd be happy to give it to you.

To everyone else who may read this story, this is my first Subassan, so please be patient with me! The next chapter should be up in a few days time. I hope you enjoyed!~

(Special thanks to chibayasu 
who gave me the name for the band and the inspiration for the story's title.)
Tags: pairing: shibutani subaru/yasuda shota, series: revolver

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  • Our Story - Chapter 7

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