chibakawa (chibakawa) wrote,

Like a Fox

Pairing: Yoko/Maru
Rating: NC-17
Written in reponse to this request at the JE Back to School Smut Meme: " Yoko's not too sure what good he is to Kanjani anymore. Maru, being the moodmaker he is, decides that it's up to himself to fix Yoko."


Yokoyama You was, for the most part, a man who exuded confidence. Even at times when he felt scared and insecure, he could easily hide his feelings behind a joke or cocky remark. But, Yokoyama was also a human being. And he had his moments of weakness just like anyone else.

Although he tried his hardest to hide those weaknesses from everyone, his feelings were impossible to keep away  from the knowing eyes of the other six members of Kanjani∞.

“He’s been moping all week,” Murakami Shingo whispered to Maruyama Ryuhei as the oldest member of the group heaved yet another pathetic sigh across the room.

Maru nodded thoughtfully, carefully studying the older man. “What should we do to cheer him up?”

“We?” Murakami asked, smiling at the bassist.

“That’s more of your department, isn’t it?” Shibutani Subaru asked, tossing an arm around Maru’s shoulder.

“Eh? Me?” He asked, his eyebrows shooting up in shock.

“What are we whispering about?” Ohkura joined the group as he chewed loudly on a warm piece of curry bread.

“We were just telling Maru that he needs to go cheer Yoko up,” Hina filled him in as Yasuda and Ryo joined the group.

“As long as we don’t have to,” Ryo commented, staring over at Yoko, who was now pacing back and forth with a large frown on his face.

“Well, that’s settled. We’ll leave it to you then,” Murakami stated with an air of finality and the rest of the members patted Maru’s shoulder before quickly exiting the room.

Maru stood by the doorway for a few moments after everyone left, trying to come up with a plan of attack in Operation Cheer Yoko Up. His first instinct told him that the best approach would be to hide somewhere and jump out screaming, “Pan!” as soon as Yoko walked by.

Then he thought that perhaps dressing up in women’s underwear might be good too, since this usually always got some kind of hilarious reaction out of Yoko.

When Maruyama finally took a break from his planning, he looked up to see that Yokoyama had finally realized he wasn’t alone in the dressing room. And Maru didn’t miss the desperate look that crossed the older man’s face momentarily.

“Good morning, Maru-chan,” Yoko sat down, picking up a manga and hiding his quickly reddening face behind it.

“Morning,” he returned the greeting, still not sure of the best way to cheer his friend up.

“Where is everyone else?” Yoko asked, quickly glancing down at his watch.

“They’re… somewhere else,” Maru replied, leaving out the fact that he had been volunteered to cheer Yokoyama out of whatever slump he fallen into.

An awkward silence fell over the room as Yoko tried to focus on the manga in his hand, and not the fact that Maru was staring at him with a pitying look on his face.

“Are you alright, Yokoyama-san?” Maru asked tentatively.

And Yoko sighed to himself, unsure of how answer the question. He knew that he couldn’t answer honestly. Unable to sing or dance or play a proper instrument,  the truth was that he was feeling beyond useless and had asked himself several times lately why he was even a member of the group.

Of course, he couldn’t admit that, so he put his manga down and looked at Maru. One corner of his mouth tugging up in a cocky smile as he leaned back lazily. “Of course. I’m fine.”

Maru looked at him skeptically, biting his lip and wondering if he should say anything. He knew Yoko wasn’t fine, but he was afraid of upsetting the older man if he kept pushing the subject. He decided then that perhaps lingerie and one-liners weren’t the best ways to cheer his friend up.

The pair sat in silence for several minutes before Maru worked up the nerve to say anything else. “Hey, Yoko?”

“Hmm?” Yoko had been staring at a wall, his expression deep in thought.

“If there’s anything I can do to cheer you up…” Maru trailed off, wondering whether Yoko would come to him eventually if the offer was there.

“Well,” Yoko began, trying to look non-chalant. “There is something you can do.”

“Really?” Maru’s face brightened at the prospect of doing something to bring Yoko a little happiness.

“I have this ache,” Yoko began.

“You’re hurt? Is that what this is all about?” Maru asked, a look of concern crossing his face.

“No,” Yoko shook his head, a sly grin beginning to stretch across his face. “You see, the ache… it’s in my pants…”

“What?” Maru’s brows furrowed in confusion before it dawned on him. “Oh,” he blushed, looking down at Yoko’s lap.

“You want to help, right?”

“Well,” Maru began.

Yoko heaved a great sigh, staring at the wall and mumbling, “Nevermind.”

“No, it’s just…”

“Forget I said anything. You obviously don’t want to help me out…”

“No!” Maru sprang out of his seat, feeling guilty. “I do!”

“Really?” A smile crossed Yoko’s face.

Maru nodded, his heart fluttering at the look of joy that crossed Yoko’s face. Unsure of exactly what he wanted, Maruyama kneeled in front of Yoko’s chair, quickly unbuttoning the older man’s pants.

“Ahhh,” Yoko smiled happily as Maru tugged down his pants. He quickly kicked them off, spreading his legs and looking expectantly at Maru.

“Um,” Maru began, “Do you want me to…”

“Suck it,” Yoko answered, lifting his hips towards his soon-to-be lover.

Maru nodded grabbing hold of Yoko’s rapidly hardening member. “Here I go…” he said, before bending over and taking it into his lap.

Yoko laughed briefly at Maru’s comment before the younger man’s wet lips passed over the head of his cock. “Ah,” He gasped, reaching forward and pushing Maru’s head down over his shaft.

He could hear Maru gag, so he released his hold, and the younger man slowly slid Yoko out of his mouth, leaving him covered in a warm coat of saliva.

“Sorry,” Yoko breathed before nodding for him to continue.

Maru gripped him again, sliding his hand up and down Yoko’s wet length. Yoko slouched back in the chair, tilting his hips up at Maru, gasping with each thrust into Maru’s hand.

And Maru didn’t know how to feel about the entire situation. He definitely didn’t imagine that he would end up in this situation when he woke up. But, most surprising was how little he minded doing what he was doing. Especially since it was the most relaxed he’d seen Yoko in days.

“Wait,” Yoko opened his eyes, looking over at Maru.

“What?” He asked, wondering if perhaps he was doing something wrong.

“Take your pants off.”

“Why?” Maru asked, a note of panic entering his voice.

“Just do it,” Yoko whined, removing Maru’s grip on his swollen dick.

Maru stood up, quickly removing his pants.

“Your underwear too,” Yoko said in a sing-song voice.

Maru didn’t know why he was so easily complying as he pulled off his underwear. Or why and when he himself had become so hard.

Yoko eyed his naked body for a moment, before speaking. “Bend over that table there.”

“Why?” Maru asked, feeling suspicious.

“Relax, I just wanna look, okay?” Yoko replied, stroking himself in anticipation.

Maru, again, found himself doing what was asked as he walked the short distance to the table. He bent over, leaning his elbows on the cool surface as he presented his backside to Yoko.

“Good. Now, spread your legs…”


“Come ooooooooon,” Yoko whined.

Maru spread his legs, leaning further over the table. Behind him he could feel Yoko’s grunt of approval, and found himself getting harder at the thought that Yoko liked what he saw. And then a silence fell over the room and Maru didn’t know what to do with himself. He was oddly turned on, but felt too embarrassed to start jerking himself off with Yoko watching him. On the other hand, his legs were getting tired and he was feeling rather fidgety.

He didn’t have time to continue his trail of thought as suddenly a pair of hands were sliding up his back, gripping his shoulders. “What are you doing?” Maru asked, feeling slightly panicked.

“Relax,” Yoko muttered.

But it was hard to relax when Yoko was knocking at his back door. He was about to push the older man away until Yoko’s hand found his cock. “See? You want it too…” Yoko murmured in Maru’s ear.

And Maru felt himself nodding, his entire body tingling as the head of Yoko’s member pressed against his hole.

The nod seemed to be all the confirmation that Yoko needed as he abandoned Maru’s cock for his hips. With one hand on Maru’s hip, Yoko grabbed his own unit,  pushing himself roughly into the younger man’s body.

Maru leaned his forehead against the table, dizzily trying to figure out if Yoko’s invasion was extremely painful or deliciously pleasant. And then Yoko was sliding out of him and he felt strangely empty.

Both men grunted as Yoko pushed himself back in, burying himself as deeply as he could. Maru’s pain quickly ebbed away, replaced with an overwhelming pleasure.

And Yoko was pushing himself deep inside of Maru, again and again, panting hard. “Maru, I’m gonna cum.”

Maru nodded, wrapping his hand around himself and quickly jerking himself off as Yoko’s movements behind him became erratic. Both men came hard, Yoko slumping over Maru’s body as he stuggled to catch his breath.

After a few moments, he stood on shaking legs. Picking up a towel, he quickly cleaned himself off, pulling on his pants. “Thanks for your help,” He smiled, leaving a sweaty, incoherent Maru in the dressing room.

There was a smile on Yoko’s face and a skip to his step as he walked down the hall. And everyone who passed noticed that this Yokoyama You was not the same one that had been moping around all week.


When Maru was finally able to get the feeling back in his legs, he stood, crossing the room towards his discarded pants. As he pulled them on, he wondered what had happened in the past half hour.

The other members had sent him to cheer Yokoyama up. And somehow that had turned into sex. And although it was good sex, hell, great sex, Maruyama didn’t feel confident that he had managed to accomplish his original goal.

He felt a little guilty, as he joined the other members on stage. Yoko was feeling bad, and although it was the older man’s idea, sex might not have been the best way to resolve the issue.

“So,” the other five members, crowded around Maruyama. “How did it go?”

“Well,” Maru began, his face reddening with embarrassment.

The other members smiled. “Did you help him with his problem?” Subaru grinned and Ohkura mufufu’ed in response.

And that’s when Maru noticed the knowing smiles they were all sharing. And the mocking tone in their voice. He felt mortified as he realized that they knew exactly what had happened in the dressing room.

“Relax,” Murakami spoke. “You’re not the only one who got conned into helping Yoko with his ache. He got pity sex from all of us.”

Maru tried to be mad, but when he looked over and saw the grin on Yoko’s face, he couldn’t stay angry. And when the smile turned so big that Yoko’s eyes crinkled into tiny slits, Maru found himself smiling too.


Yoko smirked to himself. He may not be an amazing singer like Subaru. And he may not be able to play an instrument like Yasu. He would never able to control his hyperactivity to lead others the way Murakami could. He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous like Ryo or Ohkura. And he certainly couldn’t read people’s moods like Maru.

But, without him Kanjani∞ would be no fun. Because Yoko could exaggerate everything to a ridiculous level, he turned even the most simple stories into gut-busters. Because one moment he could be childishly adorable, and the next moment charmingly debonair, Yoko’s existence alone lured fans. And because he could manipulate people’s actions, he was able to liven shows by making his fellow band mates look like complete idiots.

Yokoyama You’s strength was his clever cunningness. Hell, in one week alone he had managed to bed not one or two or even three, but all six of his band mates.

His smile widened as he glanced over to where they were standing. And as he walked towards them, he found himself wondering if he could accomplish the same task a second time. Yes, Yokoyama You was cunning. Cunning like a fox.


A/N: Can’t say I’m a fan of Yoko/Maru (Which is why the quality is suck XD). But I did this for you. YES, YOU. Now in return, I want my Ohyass porn!
Tags: nc-17, oneshot, pairing: maruyama ryuhei/yokoyama you

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