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Nights Like These [One Shot]

This fic was prompted when one friend blamed another's slow internet on the fact that Ohyass was using it all up with their Skype sex. I meant for this to be crack, but somehow when Ohyass is involved, it always turns into smutty fluff.

Nights Like These

Ohkura smiled to himself as he saw the familiar bubble pop up in the lower right corner of his screen. 'Yassan is online'. Quickly he opened a chat window and his fingers slid easily across the keyboard of his computer as he typed, “Yassuuuu.” He could hear his own voice in his head, calling playfully to his lover.


Between location shoots, filming for Ooku, and sleep, Ohkura had found little time in the past few weeks to spend with Yasu. And nights like these when he was alone in his apartment, he felt lonely for Yasu's company. Lonely and horny.


Yasuda Shota's reply came a few moments later, flashing orange on the task bar. “Yes?” It was followed by several random, and somehow Yasu-like, emoticons.


“Are you alone right now?” Ohkura typed quickly, hoping that Yasu would pick up on his hint.


The reply took longer this time, and Ohkura felt himself growing annoyed. This was the first private conversation they had in days and Yasu wasn't giving him the undivided attention he wanted. Finally, “No. Subaru is over here.”


Ohkura narrowed his eyes, glancing over at his clock. It was one o'clock in the morning and Subaru was over at HIS Yasu's house. He was about to type something he might later regret when another reply came. “But he's asleep on the sofa. Tehe.”


He imagined that he could hear Yasu's giggle in his ear, and his anger melted away. “I see,” He typed, not sure how to interpret his boyfriend's response.


“Were you jealous?” Yasu replied, followed by an animated smiley that winked.


Ohkura sat dumbfounded in front of his screen for a short time. His fingers hesitated over his keyboard as he realized that he wasn't willing to admit his jealousy. One of his greatest fears was that if he admitted he didn't like how much time his boyfriend spent with Subaru, it might push Yasu away. Yasuda's friendship with Subaru was Ohkura Tadayoshi's insecurity.


Rather than admitting it, he settled for, “Maybe.”


“Tacchon is the cutest!” came Yasu's quick reply. This time the smiley had hearts floating above its head.


A goofy smile spread across his face, and Ohkura found himself pleased at Yasu's reply. “Not as cute as Shota.”


The conversation came to a standstill then, and Ohkura wasn't sure how to approach the subject. He considered typing, “LET'S CYBER!” But he knew that Yasu was the type who appreciated a certain amount of romance in the intimacy department.


He heard another reply come from Yasu, and his smile grew wider when he read the words. “I miss you.”


“I miss you too. Especially nights like these when I'm alone.”


Yasu's reply was a smiley that was blushing, and Ohkura knew that his boyfriend understood what he wanted. “Me too.”


And Ohkura's heart beat faster in his chest as he realized that Yasu had given him the okay. This was the first time he had attempted intimacy over a computer, and he was clueless as how to start. Unsure, he found himself typing, “What are you wearing right now?”


It took a few minutes before Yasu's reply came back, “A pair of hot pink genie pants, a t-shirt with a clown on it, some rainbow toe socks, a teddy bear on a chain for a necklace and a knit hat.”


A blank expression came over Ohkura's face as he read the text, and his forehead hit the desk with a thunk. “He totally doesn't get it...” Ohkura mumbled out loud, though it was hard to tell without seeing Yasu's face whether or not he was joking.


A second reply from the older man came quick, “Oh. And I'm not wearing any underwear.”


As soon as he read it, Ohkura's blood rushed south and he could feel the first stirrings of arousal. “Yasu.” He typed.


“Hmm?” Came the reply.


“I want you.”


“I want Tacchon, too,” was Yasuda's ever-honest reply.


Ohkura knew that he should have been more embarrassed as he typed his next reply, but his desire for Yasu was taking over his mind. “I want to feel you wrapped so tight around me.”


He licked his lips, his hands sliding up and down his thighs as he waited for Yasu's reply. “I want to feel you inside of me, Tadayoshi.”


A moan escaped Tadayoshi's lips at Yasu's reply and he became hard almost immediately. One of the hands that had previously rested on his thighs disappeared past the hem of the sweatpants he was wearing, wrapping around his hard length.


“If I was there,” Yasu continued. “what would you do to me?”


A myriad of thoughts crossed through his mind as he mulled over Yasu's question. There were millions of fantasies in his head, ways to enjoy Shota's body that had been undiscovered up until this point. As he continued slowly stroking at himself, he used his free hand to type. “I want to feel your skin, so first I would peel off all of your clothes.”


In his mind he could feel Yasu's soft skin, remember the smoothness of his chest, the way his stomach muscles tensed and rippled underneath his fingertips as they traveled lower.


“Mmmhmm.” Yasu typed, and Ohkura blinked, wondering if that meant he should go on.


He decided to continue, “I would pull you close to me, so I could feel how hard you get as I taste your lips, your mouth.”


Ohkura stopped typing, waiting for some kind of reply, and a nervousness settled in his stomach. He didn't know whether to consider the silence a good thing or not. On the one hand, the lack of response could mean that Yasu was as turned on as he was and had no hands at his disposal. On the other hand, Yasu might feel uncomfortable with this and the last thing Ohkura wanted was to ruin their relationship.


As he sat pondering the possibilities, Yasu finally replied. “Don't stop.”


And Ohkura's arousal flared up again. He removed his hand from his pants, excited that his lover was enjoying this as much as he was and continued typing. “I would lead you to the couch...”


“But Subaru is on the couch.” Yasu's message flashed.


Ohkura clenched his fist, wondering why Yasu chose to bring Subaru up in the middle of an intimate moment. He sat, wallowing in anger shortly as he tried to figure out what type of game Yasu was playing with him. “Then I would sit in the chair and pull you over.”


“And?” Came a seemingly eager reply from Yasu, and Ohkura knew that his boyfriend was, in fact, playing games with him.


“I would pull down my pants and tell you to taste me.”


Ohkura pushed his pants down past his knees then and imagined that Yasu was there on the floor in front of his chair. And in his mind, it was Yasu's smaller hand wrapping around his swollen shaft. With his free hand he continued typing, “I'd push myself deep in your mouth, burying my fingers in your hair as you eat me.”


The image of Shota's soft, wet lips wrapped around him caused Ohkura's arousal to increase tenfold and he found himself panting as he read Yasuda's next reply, “Would you cum in my mouth?”


He shook his head though Yasu couldn't see him. He quickly typed, “No. I want to cum inside of you.”


“Oh,” Came Yasu's reply. They had already reached the point where Yasuda would have told him to stop if he was uncomfortable. So Ohkura took the “oh” as a good sign.


He wondered, briefly, if Yasu was sitting at home, pleasuring himself the same way. And although he was tempted to ask, he didn't want to ruin the fantasy in his imagination. Continuing, he quickly typed, “Then I'd pull you into my lap.”


And in his mind, Yasu was there on his lap, his cock rubbing against Yasu's soft thighs as the smaller man made himself comfortable. “I want you to touch me,” Yasu replied.


He could hear Yasu's plea in his head, imagine the desire dripping from his voice as he begged for Ohkura's touch. But Ohkura was still annoyed about the whole Subaru situation.


“Not yet,” Ohkura typed. “First I would spread you open, pressing my cock against you.”


“Mmm,” Yasu replied. “Will Tacchon fuck me hard?”


The question turned Ohkura on, and he found himself closing his eyes, his head falling back as he tugged hard at himself. This Yasuda Shota was probably his favorite. Although he was older, Ohkura loved when Yasu left himself be lead.


“No,” Ohkura began typing his response. “I want Shota to do all the work.”


In his mind, his imagination took over again, imagining Yasu's tight grip on his shoulders as he lowered himself over Ohkura's length. And the grip on his length tightened as he fantasized that it was Shota's tight hole around him.


He found his hips lifting off the chair as he imagined Shota squatting awkwardly on his lap as he bounced up and down over him. In his mind he could see Yasu's flushed cheeks, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. He could hear the little moans coming from his lover's open mouth, feel the slap of Shota's flesh against his thighs as he came down hard over him again and again.


“Tacchon feels so good inside of me,” Yasu's typed response came, and suddenly the image of Shota sitting in his living room, fingering his ass, filled Ohkura's mind and the muscles in his stomach, his buttocks, everywhere, tightened as he felt his orgasm near.


Even more arousing that imagining Shota there with him, was the fact that Yasu was somewhere miles away, pleasuring himself. To Ohkura. Not porn or Subaru or anything else. Just him.


His eyes squeezed shut, that beautiful image of Shota pleasuring himself with thoughts of only him still fresh in his mind, and he came hard.


He wiped his hands on his pants after his heart beat slowed down, returning to the keyboard. There was a message from Yasu. “I love you.”


Of course, being there with Yasuda, physically touching him would have been Ohkura's ideal situation. But this night had been special, something that Ohkura couldn't imagine sharing with anyone else. He could feel his heart clench in his chest as he thought about it. The trust he had in Shota; enough trust that they felt comfortable sharing something this intimate with one another. That lingering pride and arousal that Yasu had pleasured himself to no one but him.


“I love you too,” Ohkura typed, wondering if Yasuda felt as happy at that moment as he had. And then he continued, “Is Shota satisfied?”


“Yes.” Came a reply, followed by the blushing smiley again. “Very.”


Ohkura leaned back in his chair, contemplating showering, but somehow he felt that post-coital bliss that comes after good sex.


“Thank you.” Yasu typed again.


“No. I should thank you.” Ohkura replied. And though they couldn't see each other, or hear each other, or even feel each other, there was still that bond present that they shared every time they were intimate together. This time was no different.


All thoughts of Subaru and his earlier jealousy were gone as Ohkura typed a few minutes later, “We should go to bed.”


“I'll see you soon, Tacchon.” There was a little heart mark and then Yasuda signed off.




The next time Ohkura saw Yasu was during a janiben taping, and throughout the day they had exchanged several long, knowing glances. It wasn't until they were backstage in the dressing room that they finally had a moment of privacy, away from cameras.


Ohkura was about to pull Yasu away when Subaru called, “Hey Yasu! Come sit by me.”


Ohkura growled in annoyance as Yasu skipped to where Subaru was sitting, strumming at a guitar. He handed it to Yasu and Ohkura felt jealous as he watched the two bond over something he would never be able to join in on.


He plopped down on a chair, feeling stupid for being jealous. Subaru was his friend too, and he knew it was weird to be jealous. But as he heard Yasu's giggle echo across the room, he decided that as soon as he got a chance, he would make Yasu forget all about Subaru again.




“Don't you feel bad?” Subaru asked, rolling his eyes as he took his guitar back.


“For what?” Yasuda Shota feigned innocence, but his eyes followed Subaru's over to where Ohkura was sitting on a chair looking miserable and slightly pathetic.


“For using me to make your boyfriend jealous.”


Yasuda's laughter ripped through the dressing room. “I can't help it. He's cute when he's jealous. Plus, he likes it when he thinks he's in charge of the situation.”


His eyes met Tadayoshi's once more and he saw the promise in them. As a thrill of pleasure rippled down his back, he looked forward to the next time he would be alone with Ohkura.


A/N: This is my first one shot (I have a new found respect for one-shot writers) and it didn't really turn out the way I wanted. But it's Ohyass porn and the world can ALWAYS use a little more Ohyass so I decided to share anyway!

Tags: nc-17, oneshot, pairing: ohkura tadayoshi/yasuda shota

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