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Our Story - Chapter 16 part 2

This is the 2nd part of chapter 16. If you have not read the 1st part, click HERE


Getting through the rest of the day had been impossibly hard, and by the time my shift was over I had very little will to do much of anything.


By this time, I had convinced myself that I would never see Tadayoshi again. I didn't care if I missed the last train, if I didn't make it home. I was feeling so depressed I didn't even care if I got hit by a car.


Murakami, however, was not keen on me hanging around the hospital. We had all had a stressful day, and instead of being insolent and adding to Murakami's stress, I decided to go home. Like me, Shingo had also come to the realization that his love was also over.


I didn't have time to worry about Murakami and Maruyama then. I had my own failed relationship to sulk over. And selfishly, I couldn't shake the thought from my mind that I deserved pity more than anyone else.


I found myself walking up the stairs to my apartment and realized that I must have been functioning on auto-pilot because I couldn't remember how I arrived there. Sticking my key in the lock, I realized that the door was already unlocked, and my pulse raced excitedly as I figured out what that must mean.


I threw the door open and was greeted to the warmth of my apartment, and the most delicious smell coming from my kitchen. My heart pounded and a smile spread across my face before I hesitantly called, “Tadaima!”


And I was so happy that tears sprang from my eyes as Tadayoshi poked his head around the corner, smiling brightly. “Okaeri.”


I had never heard such a beautiful word and I rushed forward, wrapping my arms around Tadayoshi's waist. “I'm so glad to see you.”


“I told you that I would see you today,” He returned the hug, the long cooking chopsticks he had been holding digging into my back.


I backed away, “What happened? Your dad is okay with this? Are you staying here now?”


Tadayoshi smiled and shook his head. “We'll talk about it later. Let's just celebrate tonight, okay?”


I nodded and followed him into the kitchen. I knew that I should leave him alone to cook, that we would have plenty of time together, but I selfishly wanted to stay by his side.


He was silent as he cooked, seemingly unaware of my presence as I watched him. He was almost finished, I realized as he grabbed some plates from the cabinet and began putting food onto them. When he was finished, I helped him carry the plates to the table as he uncorked a bottle of champagne.


He winked at me as he filled two glasses, “To celebrate.”


I nodded taking the glasses as he followed me to the table with the bottle. Sitting down, I picked up my chopsticks, eagerly eating Tadayoshi's cooking. It felt like it had been years since I'd tasted one of his meals, and I smiled, excitedly kicking my legs. “It's good.”


He laughed, “I'm happy.”


I smiled and continued eating the meal. When I had finished, I looked over and noticed that Tadayoshi's plate had barely been touched. Instead, his elbow leaned against the surface of the table, his chin resting in his upturned palm as he watched.


“Aren't you going to eat?”


He shook his head. “I am not really hungry.”


I nodded, and feeling embarrassed for eating so much, I stood up, “I'll do the dishes.”


“Leave them for tomorrow,” Tadayoshi said, standing up and grabbing the champagne and glasses. He walked to the sitting area and set the drinks on the table.


I followed him to the sofa where he sat down, pulling me into his lap. Wrapping his arms around me, he hugged me, and I couldn't help but notice that the hug didn't feel right.


I pulled away, looking down at him. “Are you sure everything is okay?”


He nodded. “Would I be here if it weren't?”


I sat up, scooting off of his lap.


He must have sensed the weird atmosphere, grabbing the glasses and handing me one. “What are we doing? We should be celebrating, right? Cheers!” and he clicked his glass with mine and drank all of the contents in one gulp.


I finished off my champagne, setting the empty glass back on the table. “I'm so happy you're here.” I said, already feeling slightly heady from the champagne.


“Me too,” He refilled both of our glasses.


“I love you,” I smiled, crawling back into his lap.


“I love you too,” he smiled weakly, wrapping his arms around me. “Why are you still wearing this?” he asked grumpily, tugging at my suit's jacket.


“I don't know. Why don't you take it off?” I wiggled my eyebrows playfully and he immediately complied.


His hands did not stop with the jacket, however, and he quickly loosened my tie, pulling it over my head. His fingers immediately went to work on the buttons of my shirt.


“What's the rush?” I asked, half teasing, half serious, as his hands went to my belt buckle.


He smiled sheepishly. “Sorry.”


I leaned down, brushing my lips against his, wondering what was with the strange atmosphere surrounding us. His hands went up the back of my undershirt, scratching lightly along my back as he opened his mouth allowing me to taste him.


His mouth still tasted lightly sweet from the champagne. As he slid his tongue slid over mine, his hands drifted back down my back grabbing my hips and pushing me down onto his lap where I could feel him hard underneath me.


I gasped as he raised his hips and pushed himself against my rapidly hardening dick. He made quick work of removing my shirt before my hands went to my belt this time and I struggled to remove it quickly.


“Who's in a rush now?” he joked.


“Shut up,” I replied teasingly as I got the belt off. He pushed my hands out of the way, undoing the buttons and zipper on my pants and we both growled in frustration as we realized that I would need to stand to get my pants off.


I stood up quickly, wanting to feel Tadayoshi's hard cock rubbing against me again as soon as possible. I pushed both my pants and underwear off, and reached out for him.


“Wait,” he panted, eying my naked body. “The bedroom.” Standing up, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom.


He wasted no time once we were there, leaning down and kissing me as his arms wrapped around me. He guided me to the bed and as soon as my back hit the mattress, his hand wrapped around my shaft. I moaned into his mouth, and his grip tightened on me.


He broke the kiss, watching my face as his hand continued working at me. His breath tickled my lips and the pleasure I felt as he tugged at me had me squeezing my eyes shut in pleasure and thrusting into his hand.


“You're so beautiful,” he whispered against my lips, his tongue plunging into my mouth as he released me.


I pushed him off me, sitting up and quickly pulling his shirt off. My lips went to his neck as my hands traveled down his chest. His arms wrapped around me, his hands sliding down my naked body, cupping my ass as my hands went to his pants.


He complied wordlessly with me as I removed his clothes, my hands finding his hard cock as soon as he was naked. He laid me down against the mattress once more, coming to rest between my legs. “Shota,” He said breathlessly as he leaned down, his lips attaching to one of my nipples.


I shivered as he sucked at my flesh, biting at the sensitive skin as my grip on him tightened. His lips trailed lower and I let go of him as he slid down my body. I didn't know what to do with my hands as his hand wrapped around me and he leaned forward, his lips gently kissing the head of my dick. I sighed at the feeling his wet lips created.


I spread my legs further, shuddering as he spit onto me, the warm wet saliva sliding down my shaft. He sat up on his knees and I looked at his naked body, licking my lips as his hand wrapped around his own dick.


“Shota,” he panted, sliding his hand up his shaft slowly. “Will you let me fuck you?”


His words sent a shiver down my spine and the excitement that had been building, that knot in my groin that had been twisting, increased tenfold. I nodded, desperate to feel his thick cock filling and stretching me.


He pulled his hand back down over himself roughly and moaned. “I need to feel you.”


I nodded once more and watched as he released himself, leaning down again and taking my shaft into his mouth. He swallowed my entire length and I arched my back off the bed, moaning loudly as more sticky spit covered my shaft.


As good as it felt to have his lips wrapped so tightly around me, I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wiggled impatiently against the mattress, the spit sliding its way down my ass. He dragged his finger through the trail of saliva, making me even more restless as it slid against my ass.


I gasped in shock as the finger found what it was looking for and began teasing my opening, pressing firmly against me and making me shake in anticipation. Slowly, his finger began penetrating me, wiggling as it sank deeper into me.


I bit my lip in pain as his finger slid back out of me, and when he plunged it back into me it was joined my a second finger. “Ah,” I cried out in pain and Tadayoshi's lips tightened around my dick, as he swallowed me again.


The mixture of the pleasure and pain I was experiencing had my head spinning, and I reached forward, burying my fingers in Tadayoshi's hair. I thrust myself into his mouth, desperate for the pleasure he was giving me to overpower the pain I felt as Tadayoshi's fingers continued sliding in and out of my body.


I could feel his throat vibrating deliciously around my dick as he choked on me, and suddenly, as I neared orgasm, the pain his fingers had been causing me disappeared and I started thrusting into Tadayoshi's mouth, trying to match the pace of his fingers as he continued plunging his digits into me.


I'd never felt such intense pleasure, being filled so wonderfully as his lips wrapped around me. And then suddenly, the sensation was gone. “Ah,” I struggled to bring my vision back into focus. “Don't stop.”


He was reaching across me for a bag sitting on the nightstand. I blinked in confusion as he pulled out a bottle, flipping open the cap. “Shota,” he panted as he covered himself in lubrication. “Are you ready for me?”


I nodded. Instead of feeling nervous the way I had every other time we had come close to this, I felt nothing but desire. I knew, as Tadayoshi spread my legs, pressing my knees towards my chest, that we were both ready for this.


He panted, licking his lips and watching my face as the sticky head of his cock pressed against my opening. His breathing became heavier as he grabbed the base of his shaft, slowly guiding himself in. A deep moan escaped his lips as the head of his dick disappeared into my body.


A sweat broke out over his body as he let go of his dick leaning down and grabbing my hips, easing himself in the rest of the way, slowly. He threw his head back, and although the pain was making my vision blur again, I didn't think I had ever seen as beautiful of a sight.


And then he was deep inside of me, his pelvis smacking against my ass. We were both panting, our bodies completely still as we both adjusted to the sensations we were feeling.


Before then, I could only imagine what being filled by another person would be like. And though there had been plenty of times since I had met Tadayoshi that my body had craved to feel him inside of me, that it had known how good it would feel, there was no way I could have been ready for the array of sensations and emotions I was currently feeling.


To have someone inside of you, stretching and filling every inch of you in the most intimate way, there were no words that could properly convey the way it felt. He filled me, both literally and physically, and I had never felt as whole as I did at that moment. It wasn't sex and it wasn't just for physical gratification. This was the deepest act of love, a pleasure that only Tadayoshi could give me.


He leaned down, his lips crashing onto mine as our tongues fought against each other. His hand slid down the tight space between our bodies, finding my shaft and stroking me as he pulled out of my body. In one quick motion, he thrust himself back inside of me.


We both cried out at the same time. “Shota,” he breathed into my mouth. “It's so good. You're so tight.”


I nodded my head, my body tingling as he pounded into me again. “Don't stop.”


He lowered his head onto my chest, his thrusts shallow as he moaned against my skin. “I can't. Ah, I'm going to cum.”


I wrapped my arms around him, our bodies sliding against each other, covered in sweat. “Cum for me,” I whispered to him, my fingers digging into his back as he thrust harder.


He sat up, grabbing my knees and spreading me open further. “Cum with me,” He murmured, his hand wrapping around me and jerking me off roughly as he continued fucking me.


I nodded, closing my eyes and biting my lip as I focused on the sensations. His hand slid slowly up my shaft as he slid slowly out of my body and when he slid his hand down roughly, he thrust himself hard into me, making me cry out.


“Hurry, Shota. I'm so close.” His grip tightened, almost painfully as his thrusts continued. The bed was rocking underneath us, and I wasn't sure what would break first, me or the bed. “Open your eyes,” he moaned. “Watch me fuck you.”


I opened my eyes, his husky command sending me over the edge as I met his thrust, my cum spilling out in a stream against Tadayoshi's chest. He either didn't mind or didn't notice as he threw his head back once more, burying himself to the hilt in my body and rolling his hips as he came inside of me.


He pulled himself out of me and rolled off my body, pulling me into him and kissing me sloppily. “I love you.” He murmured as soon as he broke the kiss.


“I love you too,” I whispered back, stifling a yawn. I suddenly felt very tired and knew I would be asleep soon.


As I drifted off to sleep he whispered into my ear, “You're all mine.” And I found myself smiling, happy to belong completely and solely to Ohkura Tadayoshi.




I woke again in the middle of the night, Tadayoshi's lips sucking on my neck as his hand reached around my front, wrapping around my flaccid dick. Though I was tired, and very sore, my body reacted immediately to his touch.


“Shota,” he whispered in my ear. “I want you again.”


My body hurt, and although I knew I would be limping for a week, I only nodded as he rolled me onto my back and positioned himself at my entrance.


The second time was even better than the first.




When I woke up the next morning, I stretched and then immediately cried out at the pain that had infiltrated every inch of my body. I reached out for Tadayoshi, only to find empty space. I sat up, scratching my head at the familiarity of the situation.


I eased myself out of bed, concluding that Tadayoshi must have been in the shower, like the time my sister had caught us. I limped my way to the bathroom, opening the door and noticing that the lights were off. I closed the door, confused.


My thought drifted to the kitchen, where I thought, perhaps, Tadayoshi was making us breakfast. I passed the dirty dishes on the table, and when I reached the kitchen, it was clear that Tadayoshi was not there either.


A panic rose in me as I quickly searched every inch of my apartment. By the time my search was done, I felt numb. “Calm down,” I told myself. “He probably went out for groceries. Just wait until he gets back.”


I plopped down onto the sofa, glancing at the clock. I knew that he would be back soon.


Around noon, my phone began ringing, but my body still felt numb and I knew there was no way I would be able to stand to answer it. I let the answering machine pick it up.


“Shota? Are you there? Are you okay? It's Maruyama. We're worried about you. You know you have to work today, right? Call me as soon as you get this message.”


I had hoped that it was Tadayoshi, calling to say he was running late, or to ask what I wanted for dinner, or any number of things boyfriends would call to say.


And when dinner time rolled around, and Tadayoshi still was not there, I really began to worry about what would be holding him up.


When it became dark, I realized, a tear rolling down my cheek, that Tadayoshi wasn't coming back. Not tonight, not ever.



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