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Our Story - Chapter 9

For chapter 9, I made two different versions. One version is NC-17, the other version is PG-13. The NC-17 version is longer, and of course, I would prefer that everyone read that version. I think that reaching intimacy is an important, if not crucial, development in Tadayoshi and Shota's story. By reading only the PG-13 version, I feel like you are missing out on an important aspect of their relationship.

That being said, I understand that there are some readers who might not feel comfortable with reading NC-17. I started the story as PG-13, and I would hate for people to stop reading it because they do not like the adult content.

And finally, this is IMPORTANT...

 I plan on writing more chapters with NC-17 content in the future. So I would like to ask a favor. If you could comment on which version of the chapter you read, it would be appreciated. You can do so annonymously and simply write 'hi' or whatever. I just would like to know which version people are reading. If no one comments on the PG-13 version, I will assume that everyone is reading the NC-17 version and won't bother with the PG-13 version anymore. If I don't have to write two different version, then I can get updates out faster, so your feedback is mucho appreciated.

Enjoy <3

Chapter 9 -- PG-13 Version

Chapter 9 -- NC-17 Version


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