December 18th, 2009


Chapter 15

Chapter 15


In the blink of an eye, I knew it was all over. The news report had given away all that I had tried so hard to keep hidden. All the shame of our relationship came flooding back to me and every glimmer of hope that I had for our future was quickly extinguished.


I could feel Tadayoshi's body begin to shake next to me as four pairs of eyes turned to us suddenly. It was the only time I had ever seen Tadayoshi come close to losing his calm attitude.


“He's your patient?” My mother shouted at me, her face turning red with rage.


“A runaway?” My dad shouted at the same time.


“Sixteen?!” My sister joined the yelling.


My mouth opened and closed several times as I fought for something to say. Usually, Tadayoshi was there to calm me down, but as I looked to my left, I saw the terrified look on his face.


“What else have you lied to us about?” My mother screamed at me. “I can't believe this, Shota. We raised you better than this.”


“Son,” my father's voice was much calmer than my mother's, but I knew from experience that he was just as angry. “You could get in trouble for this. He's just a kid. He's your patient. You understand you could lose your job, right? Over some bored, rich kid?”


“Sixteen?!” My sister shouted again.


I glanced over at Tadayoshi, tears rolling silently down his cheeks. I loved him more that anyone or anything, and I had already decided that if my family wouldn't support us, then we would support each other. Tadayoshi needed my support then, and as much as I also wanted to cry, the need to protect him was stronger.


“You don't know what you're talking about,” I reached over, grabbing Tadayoshi's hand. “There are some things more important than a job.”


He slid his hand out of mine, hanging his head in shame. “I'm sorry. You were kind enough to invite me into your home and I lied to you all.”


I could feel myself getting angrier, not only that my family had abandoned me, but that they made Tadayoshi feel as though he had done something wrong. I scooted closer to him, wrapping my arm around his shoulder. “Did you ever think that we lied because we thought you would react this way? It was hard enough for me to tell you about Tadayoshi. Do you understand how afraid I was that you would hate me? For years, all you'd done was make jokes about me and my sexuality. Do you really expect me to be honest with you when you've done nothing but make me think my feelings are abnormal?”


They all looked ashamed then and after a moment, my sister scooted closer to us, wrapping her arm around Tadayoshi's other shoulder. “I'll support you both. I love Tadayoshi and to me it doesn't matter who he is or where he's from.”


She stared over at Osamu and after a few moments, he grinned, shooting us a thumbs up. Her attention returned to us. “I'm sorry for making you cry. And I'm sorry, Shota, for making fun of you. If I hadn't done it, maybe you would have found happiness a long time ago.”


The room fell silent again and it was clear that no one else had anything to say.


“Come on,” I said, grabbing Tadayoshi's hand and preparing to stand. “I don't think we are welcome here.”


He stayed seated in place. “No, Shota. I can't let you do this. You have a great family. An amazing one, and I don't want to be the reason you stop talking to your parents.”


I plopped back down onto the floor, fearing that he was ending our relation. “It doesn't matter. I want to be with you.”


He shook his head. “I want to be with you too, but not if it has to be like this.”


I shook my head at this time, reaching for his hands. “This isn't any different than your dad,” A note of desperateness entered my voice. “To them, a stupid thing like a job is more important than my happiness.”


My mother shifted uncomfortably. “We didn't say your happiness was unimportant. We just think you need to think about your future.”


“I am thinking about my future. My future is with Tadayoshi,” I said firmly, the volume of my voice rising.


“He's your first boyfriend. I think you're being...”


I interrupted her. “Osamu is nee-chan's first boyfriend.”


“I don't want you to rush into things. Tadayoshi is so young and this relationship is too...” She began, and I knew what she was thinking because I had thought it a million times. Our relationship seemed doomed from the start.


“It's Shota's decision to make,” my sister turned to our parents. “He's old enough to make these decisions himself. Has he ever given us any reason to believe he can't make the right decision on his own? They make each other happy. When it comes down to a relationship, isn't that the most important thing?”


I knew there was a chance that it would never work out between Tadayoshi and me. From the very beginning of our relationship, I had known very well how easily Tadayoshi could be ripped away from me. “I know the risks I'm taking. I know I could lose my job, lose everything I've had up until now. But losing Tadayoshi is the only thing that scares me. It might seem silly to you and maybe we are rushing into things without properly thinking first. But I know that I love him and I want to be with him. My feelings for him won't change, even if you disapprove.”


My parents looked at each other before my mother heaved a great sigh. “Shota, you know better than anyone that a relationship like this can't last. Even if you love each other, do you really think that you can live happily together with Tadayoshi's father always searching for him?”


This time, it was me who sighed. Of course, I knew the truth behind what she said. I thought about the fact that someday, sooner or later, we would have to face Ohkura Hideo and it would change our relationship for better or worse. “I know that.”


“I can't approve of this relationship,” she started. “Not because of his age or his family or the fact that he is your patient. I can't approve of it because of the fact that you are both running away. You are happy together now, but at what expense? You lied to your family, you can't be honest with us about your feelings or your relationship. And Tadayoshi has run away from home, and you'll always have that hovering over you. You'll always be hiding. How can a relationship like that last? One or both of you will end up hurt, and that's why I can't approve of it.”


Tadayoshi raised his head. “I'll go home then. I'll tell my dad everything.”


I shook my head furiously. “No, you can't do that.” If Tadayoshi went home, I knew there was a good possibility that he would never come back. I'd met Ohkura Hideo and I knew exactly what type of person he was.


Tadayoshi turned to look at me. “We both knew it would eventually come down to this. Your parents are right, and we both understand that.”


My heart was beating a million miles a minute. I knew we had an audience, and normally I would be mortified in a situation like this. The panic I was experiencing, however, had nothing to do with the four pairs of eyes intently focused on me. I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff, trying desperately to keep from falling and shattering into a million tiny shards. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if there was anything I could say that would change his mind.


He was right. I knew that in the end, he would have to face his father. I wasn't ready for that yet. I didn't know if I would be able to live without him. If he left my side now, I knew he might never come back.


Tadayoshi was still so young, perhaps he would heal fast. Maybe he didn't feel as strongly as I did, maybe he would be able to function perfectly well without me. All of these thoughts floated through my head as I tried to find a way to make him stay.


He grabbed my hands, and I looked up into his face. A reassuring smile crossed his face and I knew again that he understood my feelings perfectly well. “Remember what I said? If anything happened to separate us?”


I nodded, remembering his promise to wait. I knew that I had to accept Tadayoshi's decision. He was doing it for me. He wanted to be with, was so desperate for my family's approval of our relationship, that he was willing to return home. To him, I was worth returning to the life he had run away from. I couldn't help but feel my heart fill with happiness as I realized that to Tadayoshi, I was worth waiting for.




The rest of that Saturday was spent with Tadayoshi explaining every detail of his life to my family. From his mother's death, to his father's neglect, even the discovery that while his mother was lying on her deathbed, his father was impregnating another woman.


My family listened, with open minds and empathetic ears, as Tadayoshi recalled the life he had been guarding so adamantly. His history was one that he had trouble talking about, even to me. And I was grateful beyond words, that he would open himself up so much to my family. Just for my sake.


There were moments when we all laughed, moments when we cried, and even a few moments where we all swelled with anger at the things that had happened to Tadayoshi in his short sixteen years. And all the while, his hand was held so gently in my own.


“Shota is the closest thing I've ever had to someone loving me. And you are all the closest thing I've ever had to a family,” He finished, squeezing my hand.


I glanced up at the clock. Between all of the breaks that we had taken for meals, and bathroom breaks, it was already past midnight. I blinked, suddenly realizing how sleepy I was.


My mother nodded, and I saw her blinking, trying to keep tears from springing from her eyes. “I think that maybe we jumped to too many conclusions today. You're sixteen, but you're very mature for your age, aren't you? Maybe even more mature than Shota.”


I pouted at that comment but decided not to say anything.


“And although I can't say that I approve of how you two met or the way you've been going about this relationship, I think I understand everything now. I can see how you both care about each other. And if you go see your father, if you can work everything out between him and earnestly start an honest relationship with Shota, then I will gladly give you my blessing.”


My father nodded in agreement at my mother's sentiment. “It's never mattered to us who Shota fell in love with, man or woman, as long as he was happy. And it would be wrong of us to disapprove for something as silly as age or how you met.”


I smiled, feeling slightly relieved. Although I had been perfectly willing to walk away from my family if I didn't receive their approval, I was glad that we would be able to earn their acceptance. I couldn't even begin to show my gratitude to Tadayoshi for doing this for me.


I looked over at the genuinely happy smile that had once again found itself on his face, and I knew that this was as important to him as it was to me.


My sister yawned loudly then, and we were all suddenly aware of how late it had become. Osamu stood up and stretched, pulling his wife up off of the floor, “We should be getting home.”


Everyone else followed suit, standing up and watching as my sister and her husband gathered up their things, and the sleeping baby.


“Are you really sixteen?” My sister asked Tadayoshi, her face still incredulous.


He nodded, smiling a little shyly.


Her eyes traveled up and down his body. “Damn.”


And then Osamu's hand came up and smacked the back of her head. “Knock it off. You gross old lady.”


“Can you blame me? They didn't make them like that when I was sixteen...”


Osamu grabbed her, pulling her out of the door and to the car where she could still be heard exclaiming over Tadayoshi's age.


When we finally made it to our bedroom, I began rolling out our futons while Tadayoshi busied himself by pulling a pair of pajamas out of his bag.


“Tadayoshi,” I began and was met with silence. “Thank you for today.”


He turned to me and tried to smile, but his demeanor was solemn and his face betrayed the worry he must have been feeling. Suddenly looking stressed and scared, I couldn't remember a time that he appeared quite so vulnerable.


I crawled across the room to where he was sitting and smiled at him in the reassuring way he always seemed to smile at me when I was scared or worried. “Come on,” I said standing up. “Let's go take a shower.”


This seemed to perk him up a little as we both stood up. “Okay.”


In the hallway, we crept to the bathroom although the light in my parent's bedroom was clearly off and my father's snoring was echoing in the hallway. I felt fairly confident that both of my parents were aware that my relationship with Tadayoshi had already reached intimacy. For some reason, it felt exciting that we were sneaking around.


Tadayoshi shut the bathroom door and made quick work of stripping off his clothes. Naked, he opened the glass door leading to the shower area and plopped down on a stool, waiting for me to join him.


I was aware of his eyes on me and I could feel his impatience radiating off of him as I slowly pulled my shirt off over my head.


We both knew that this could possibly be the last moments we had alone together for who knew how long. I also knew that we both had a lot on our minds and this moment probably wasn't the best to jump into sex, no matter how much we wanted it.


And as I felt the beginnings of arousal stir within me, I realized how much I did want it. Tadayoshi's wonderfully smooth skin was begging to be touched and my fingers began itching with the urge to touch every inch of exposed skin, my legs tingling with the desire to go to him as he leaned back and spread his long legs.


All the thoughts of waiting flew from my mind as I stared at his naked body. In the back of my mind, there was a tiny voice still urging me to wait; To wait until we both had clear enough minds so that we could enjoy each other to the fullest. And that voice was quickly muted by a second that argued how little time we had left together.


Both voices had good points, but I decided to drown them both out for the moment. Our eyes met momentarily as my fingers went to the button on my pants. Just as quickly, his eyes followed my hands and I knew that he was expecting some kind of show.


My excitement grew with the way he watched my every move, that hungry look that I loved so much entering his eyes. My pants suddenly became a little too tight, and I continued watching him intently as I pushed my pants down slowly, kicking them off at the ankles.


“Are you teasing me?” he asked, his voice husky as he watched me play with the waistband of my underwear.


I smiled, finally pulling them off before hopping into the shower with him and closing the door. I grabbed the second stool and scooted it closer to where Tadayoshi was sitting.


Our bathtub was only big enough for one adult, but the shower area came equipped with two shower heads. Growing up, I often remembered my parents showering in here together, and when my sister and I were young, we would bathe with each other.


I reached around Tadayoshi and pulled one of the shower heads off of the wall and stretched the hose. “Turn around,” I smiled at him, trying to remember why we were there in the first place.


He listened, although hesitantly. Turning the water on, it came out in a stream of hot water against Tadayoshi's back. I watched with fascination as it streamed down his back, pooling on the stool and around his hips.


He sighed, and I realized how good the hot water must have felt against his tense muscles. I smiled as he leaned his head back happily, wetting his hair. I reached over for a bottle of shampoo, squeezing some into my hand and working it into his hair.


I stood up behind him working his hair into a lather, silently laughing to myself as he closed his eyes, a content smile crossing his face. I rinsed the soap from his hair and sat down again, my soapy hands sliding against his skin as I started washing his back.


The warmth of his skin penetrated my fingers, and something as innocent as scrubbing his back suddenly had me aroused. Before I had time to think or stop myself I was leaning forward and my lips made contact with the slick skin of his back.


He sighed and leaned back as my lips made their way to his neck where I began sucking at the warm, smooth skin. This time a moan escaped his lips and he tilted his head, giving me better access.


My hands slid down his slippery back and around his waist, lightly brushing against his flat stomach before drifting lower. My right hand wrapped around his cock and I reveled in the sensation of him growing harder in my hand.


Gripping him firmly, my hand slid slowly up his length. He let out a shuttering breath and leaned back pressing his back against my chest. My hand slid slowly back down to the base of his cock, and I gripped him tighter working at his base in quick jerking motions.


And then I was sliding backwards off of the stool, landing on the wet tile hard. It took a moment for Tadayoshi to realize what happened and when he turned around, he bust out laughing at the sight of me rubbing at my sore, and possibly bruised butt.


I, however, was on my knees crawling towards him. If I wasn't so aroused, perhaps I would have been embarrassed. Before he was even done laughing, I had already made it to his lap, wrapping my hand around him once more.


As I thought, my grip on his manhood silenced his laughter, and he squeezed his eyes shut as I continued pleasuring him. “Ah, Shota,” he breathed out as my fingers slid over the head of his cock.


It was as close as I had ever been to his manhood, and I licked my lips, transfixed at the milky precum leaking from him. I sat up, continuing to jerk him off as my lips met his again.


I let go of his cock wrapping my arms around him and pulling him up into a standing position. Before he had time to question me, I had him pushed against the wall. My hand found its way back to his shaft at the same moment my lips found his neck.


From his neck, my lips trailed lower down his chest and across his stomach until I was on my knees, my warm breath coming out in puffs as my hand stilled. Still gripping him in one hand, my tongue darted out, licking the head of his dick.


Immediately, a moan escaped Tadayoshi's lips and his hands found their way to my head, his fingers threading themselves into his hair. I don't know what I had been expecting, but I felt a slight disappointment that the water had washed away his taste.


I brought my lips back to his shaft, wrapping my lips around him and slowly taking his length into my mouth. He shuddered, his fingers winding deeper into my hair as he pushed himself further into my mouth. I choked a bit and Tadayoshi released his tight grip on my head.


Slowly, I slid him out of my mouth before sucking his entire length back in. He gasped, his grip tightening as I pushed him against the wall once more, trying to keep him from bucking his hips. I could feel him pulsating in my mouth, and that combined with the sounds coming from Tadayoshi's mouth and the fact that my parents were feet away had my body hot with desire.


I looked up at him, sliding him out of my mouth. The look he was giving me made my stomach tighten, and I almost forgot myself for a moment. I sucked furiously at the head, my tongue sliding over his slit, the source of the tangy taste filling my mouth.


I never understood the appeal of oral sex. I couldn't imagine, until I had felt Tadayoshi's warm, wet mouth wrapped around me, that it felt as amazing as it did. And until now, I couldn't understand why anyone would willingly do it to another person. When I saw the look on Tadayoshi's face, heard the sounds he was making, tasted the salty sweet mixture of his skin, I couldn't stop myself from sliding him all the way past my lips, my fingernails digging into the flesh of his thighs.


“Shota,” he panted down at me as my tongue slid over him again.


I loosened the hold I had on his thighs, and immediately he pushed himself deep into my mouth and let out a cry as his head hit the back of my throat. He slid himself out, before he thrust into my mouth again.


I choked a bit as he kept fucking my mouth, and he paused for a moment, breathing heavily and apologizing. I shook my head at him, gripping his hips and sliding my mouth back over him.


“Ah,” he raised his hips, “Don't stop, Shota.” His fingers found their way into my hair again, urging me to go faster.


“So close,” he moaned as I sped my pace. His fists clenched in my hair and his breathing became heavier.


“Look at me again,” he commanded and when I looked up our eyes met briefly before I pushed my mouth over him one last time. He clenched his eyes shut, thrusting into me shallowly as I drank up the cum he spilled into my mouth.


I released the hold I had and with shaky legs, he slid down the wall. Reaching out for me, he pulled me into his lap and grabbed my face, kissing me hard.


The sweet taste of his mouth mixed with his sticky, tangy cum made me feel dizzy as he wrapped his arms around me. After a few moments, he let go of me, smiling sleepily. “Thank you.”


I blushed, not sure what to say. After Tadayoshi had gone down on me, I had been embarrassed, humiliated even. But now, I understood the appeal of it. Not only did I want him to do it to me again, but the thought of tasting him again also thrilled me.


I licked my lips, trying to memorize the way he tasted, in case I wouldn't get a chance again. He hugged me to his chest, his fingers sliding down my wet back. “I love you,” he sighed into my ear.


I wrapped my arms around him, returning his embrace and burying my face into his warm neck. I had to fight to keep from crying as the realization hit that this could be the last time that I touched Tadayoshi. My heart started beating wildly in my chest as I tried to stay strong.


Tadayoshi must have felt it, as his hands started traveling up and down my back soothingly. I drew in a shaky breath, smiling up at him. “Let's go to bed.”


He nodded and released me, although reluctantly, and let me pull him into a standing position. We dressed in silence, perhaps both thinking and worrying over the next time we would be so intimate with one another.


I knew that I should have taken advantage of what little time we had left together, but in the hallway, Tadayoshi stifled a large yawn and I knew he was exhausted.


Once we were settled under the futons, Tadayoshi reached out for me again, pulling me into his body. “Tadayoshi?”


“Hmmm?” he answered and I could tell he was close to drifting off.


“Tomorrow, let's go on a date.”


He looked down at me, a smile crossing his face before he nodded vigorously.




When I woke up the next morning, Tadayoshi was still sleeping, his arm thrown over my chest. I raised his arm slowly, trying to keep him from waking up as I slid out of the futon. I quickly pushed the pillow where my body had been and he sighed, pulling the pillow to his face and mumbling what sounded suspiciously like my name.


I crept quietly from the room and downstairs. I knew that I probably had a lot more questions to answer now that Tadayoshi wasn't by my side.


I breathed a sigh of relief as I rounded the corner into the kitchen and noticed that my sister was sitting at the table. I knew that she wouldn't make a big deal over scolding me, especially know that she was really the only person left truly supporting me.


“Hey little brother,” She smiled over at me.


“Do you live here?” I asked her, opening the refrigerator and pouring myself a glass of water.


“I just want to spend as much time with my two little brothers before they go back to Osaka,” She pouted.


I rolled my eyes at her. “We have plans today.”


“Huh? Where are we going?”


“You're not going anywhere. Tadayoshi and I are going out today.” I almost added that it was a date, but saying that made me feel strangely embarrassed.


“Where are you going?” she asked again.


I shrugged, realizing that it had been over two years since I had been on a proper date. “Where do you think I should take him?”


She clapped her hands excitedly. “Oooh, I get to help plan your first big date.”


“Me too,” My mother piped up, joining us around the table.


And suddenly, I almost regretted saying anything about it.




After my sister and my mother finished almost single-handedly planning my date, it was almost nine o'clock and I knew that I had to wake Tadayoshi up if we to do everything that was planned and make it back to Osaka in time for work the next day.

Opening my bedroom door, Tadayoshi's light snoring reached my ears and I almost laughed at the way he was holding my pillow like a lover.


“Tadayoshi,” I called softly, creeping towards him.


He rolled over in reply. I crawled next to him, looking down at his sweet sleeping face. “Tadayoshi,” I whispered, no longer wanting to disturb his sleep.


I leaned down, unable to resist the adorable way his brows furrowed and his lips pouted as he struggled to continue sleeping. He responded almost immediately when our lips met, his eyes blinking open sleepily as his arms wrapped around my neck.


I broke this kiss before it got too intense, knowing that he had to get up and get moving if we were going to get anything done.


I sat up. “Morning, sunshine,” I smiled down into his still sleepy face.


He smiled back, stretching lazily. “What time is it?”


“Nine. Time to get up.” I stood up, crossing the room to the door. “We have a lot to do today so hurry and get dressed.”


I left the room and hurried downstairs, waiting somewhat impatiently for him to join me. For all intents and purposes, this was my first real date. Although Emi and I had dated for nearly a year, as far back as I could recall, our dates had always been in groups with friends. Even our ski trip had been planned as a large group activity.


I wrung my hands, both in nervousness and excitement. I realized that this, too, was probably Tadayoshi's first date. I wanted it to be perfect.


He joined me a few minutes later, and looked around as my family watched us closely. “Ready?” I asked, standing up.


He shrugged. “I guess...”


My mother stood up and pulled out a camera. “Let me take a picture.”


“Huh? Mooooom,” I complained, but Tadayoshi had already come to stand next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me close.


She was clicking the button before I even had a chance to compose myself and smile.


“Okay,” She said, after what seemed like an eternity. “You should go now. Have fun.”


Once we were safely out of the doors and away from my crazy family, Tadayoshi turned to me. “Where are we going?”


I grabbed his hand, pulling him down the street. For once, since I started dating Tadayoshi, I felt carefree. I didn't care who saw me holding his hand. We didn't have to worry about him being seen. And as I looked over at his smiling face, the wind blowing his hair, I realized how much happier we could be like this.




“Let's go in there,” I said, pointing across the street to pet shop. I had been taking him on a tour of my neighborhood. Although I enjoyed just walking with him, he had grown oddly silent and I worried that his thoughts were turning to the fate that awaited us back in Osaka.


“Huh?” he asked, and I grabbed his arm, pulling him across the street. I wanted him to have fun that day and keep his mind off of any dark thoughts. “A pet shop?”


I had pulled the door open and yanked him into the store before he had a chance to protest. The young woman behind the counter welcomed us warmly and when I looked over at Tadayoshi, he was plugging his nose.


“Come on,” I said, pulling him over to a section of wall with several cages of animals. “Aren't they cute?” I asked, pointing at a cage with several little white kittens.


He shook his head. “Not really. It smells in here. Let's go.” He grabbed my hand and tried pulling me from the store.


I pulled my arm out of his grasp and turned to the girl at the counter. “Can we hold one of them?”


She nodded, coming around the counter and unlocking the cage. “Which one?”


I looked over at her shoulder. “That one.” I pointed to a kitten that was sitting alone in the corner.


She took it out and handed it to me. “It's cute, right?”


“What's its name?” I asked, scooting closer to where Tadayoshi was glaring at the cat in my arms.


“He doesn't have one. But,” She blushed, looking at both of us shyly. “You can name him if you want.”


“Tadayoshi.” I said immediately.


“What?” He grumbled.


“No,” I laughed. “The kitten. His name is Tadayoshi.”


“Eh? You can't name it after me.”


“But it was all alone, and its so cute. Just like you.” I smiled, holding the cat close to his face.


“Ah,” he sneezed and I realized that not only did he seem to dislike cats, but he was also very allergic to this particular one. “It's also abnormally tiny, so why don't you call it Shota?”


I stuck my tongue out at him and handed the kitten back to the salesgirl. “Thank you. But it doesn't seem like he's interested in pets.”


She blushed and nodded, before I pulled him from the store. “You're so cute,” I smiled at him, grabbing his hand. I had succeeded in distracting him from his thoughts as he smiled back at me.


“Where are we going now?” He asked, his voice more carefree and excited than I had ever heard it.


There was a shopping and amusement district not far from where I lived, a place I would often go to when I was in high school and very much into fashion.


Tadayoshi's face lit up, and his excitement grew as he went from store to store. I knew that he had never been out like this before, and I had a hard time not laughing as he excitedly exclaimed that we needed to go to Don Quixote because he'd never been to one.


After several hours of shopping, and a ferris wheel ride later, I could hear Tadayoshi's stomach grumbling noisily as we walked down the street.


I stopped outside of a one of my favorite restaurants, and pulled him over to the patio area set up for outside dining. I waited until the waiter took our order before relaxing.


I watched, mesmerized, as Tadayoshi leaned his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his palm. His eyes closed in contentment as he enjoyed the breeze on his face. A sigh escaped his lips and my heart fluttered rapidly in his chest as I admired how handsome he was.


I pulled a small bag out of my pocket, setting it nervously on the table and sliding it towards Tadayoshi. “For you.” I said when he opened his eyes and looked down at the bag.


“What is it?”


“Open it,” I replied, feeling nervous.


He picked up the tiny bag and opened it before tipping the contents out into his open palm. A small, silver ring caught the sunlight and he picked it up, putting it on his finger silently. His head was bowed as he stared at it.


I didn't know how to take his silence, and I suddenly felt nervous and embarrassed again. “It isn't much. I mean, it's not very pretty. But...”


He reached across the table and grabbed my hand, silencing me. When he looked up at me, his eyes looked oddly watery. “Its perfect.”


“It's called a promise ring,” I said, feeling slightly more confident. “No matter what happens, as long as you wear that ring, it'll be a promise between you and me. We'll wait for each other.”

Tadayoshi nodded, twisting it around his finger. “I won't take it off.”


The rest of the day went by too quickly and it was with reluctant and heavy hearts that we returned to my parents house and gathered our things.


The train ride home was also drenched in silence, and if it weren't for Tadayoshi's hand wrapped comfortingly around mine, I would have fallen apart.


When the train finally pulled into Osaka Station, we both stood up, our hands still linked. I pulled him out of the train and on the platform, he turned to me. “I'll see you tomorrow.”


I nodded, although I could hear the way his voice shook with emotion when he said it. In my heart, I had already convinced myself that I would never see him again. My grip on his hand tightened.


“I promise,” he said, slipping his hand out of my own. He smiled weakly and I nodded, letting him go.


And as I watched him turn his back to me and walk away, I knew that it was probably the last time I would see him, and although I tried to keep hope, I knew that my heart would be broken in less than a day.




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