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Revolving - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Yasu had decided that Ohkura finding out about his relationship with Subaru was the best thing that could have happened. Subaru was no longer the class outcast and that meant that Yasu didn’t have to hide everything. He could help him when he was struggling in class, or walk to and from school with him, or sit with him at lunch. Now, Yasu could do that every day.

They were almost inseparable. Wherever Subaru was, there was Yasu following after him. They came to school together and left together. The only time they weren’t together was when they were home or when Yasu had band practice.

On this particular day, Yasu just happened to have band practice and so instead of meeting Subaru at the genkan like he usually did, he headed straight for the practice room. When he slid the door open, what he saw was the last thing he’d been expecting. Subaru was sitting there on a stool, chatting animatedly with Maru.

“Subaru!” Yasu called out in surprise.

Subaru turned to Yasu with a smile and stood.

“What are you doing here?” Yasu asked, grabbing his guitar case and walking towards his boyfriend.

“I was bored. I don’t have work today so I thought I’d come watch your practice,” Subaru said, watching as Yasu opened his guitar case and began preparing his instrument.

Ohkura chose that same minute to open the door, and when he saw Subaru standing there, he paused briefly and looked around, as though making sure he was in the right room.

Subaru bit back a grin and repeated, “I’m just here to watch the practice…”

Ohkura was silent for a few moments, and Yasu almost thought that Ohkura was going to kick him out of the room. But then Ohkura just gave a nod and slid the door shut behind him. “Okay.” He went over to his drum kit, grabbing his drumsticks, and looked around the room before speaking. “Can I, um, propose something?” he asked.

The remaining three band members shared a look. Ohkura had been so careful about what he said and did within the group. He’d stepped down from his leader role, although in moments like this it was clear that he really wanted to take it back. Maru smiled and nodded, “Go ahead…”

Ohkura stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He cleared his throat and unfolded the paper and then held it up. “So there’s this battle of the bands coming up, and I thought maybe we could enter it…”

Maru shook his head, “I don’t know. We don’t even have a lead singer…”

Yasu wasn’t opposed to the idea, but it was true that the group really wasn’t ready for a competition. They all had decent voices, but there wasn’t a strong vocalist amongst them. With the band as it was now, they didn’t stand a chance of winning.

Ohkura looked defeated as he stuffed the paper back into his pocket. He moved towards his drum kit, but stopped at the last minute, turning back to the group. “It’s just that this will probably be our last chance. High school is almost over and I’ll go to university and who knows where you’ll all go…”

That was true. Yasu hadn’t put a lot of thought into what he’d do. He’d looked at a couple of universities, but even he wasn’t sure that was the best option for him. There wasn’t anything in particular that he really wanted to do as a career. He loved music, but maybe that wasn’t really a viable option.

As for the others, Daisuke was planning on going to work at his dad’s bakery and Maru was still looking at all of his options. The future was unclear for all of them, but it was probably true that the band would fall apart eventually and they’d all part ways. It was a sad thought, and Yasu thought that Ohkura was probably right to make the most of the time that they had left. “I’m in,” Yasu said, smiling brightly at Ohkura.

“You are?!” Both Maruyama and Ohkura asked simultaneously.

Yasu nodded and laughed lightly, “Yeah. Ohkura’s right. This might be our last chance to play together. I think we should make the most of the time we have left.”

Ohkura smiled gratefully, “It’ll be fun. I promise. I won’t try to be controlling and I don’t even really expect to win. I just want to have a chance to play together one last time before we have to grow up and go into the real world.”

Maru looked at Ohkura in understanding then. Yasu knew that he could see Ohkura’s pure intentions. It was sad, but it seemed that Ohkura seemed to accept his fate with the future his father has set out for him. He’d stopped putting all his hope for a different life into the band. He just wanted to make one last precious memory with his friends. “I’m in too,” Maru said with a grin.

“Me too!” Daisuke threw in.

Ohkura almost looked moved to tears and he took a moment to collect himself before saying, “Thank you guys so much…”

“Isn’t that what friends are for?” Yasu said with a smile as he pulled his guitar strap over his head.

Ohkura smiled, his eyes a little watery. “Should we practice then?”

Maru smiled, “I’ve been working on a new baseline. Maybe we can get a new song ready in time for the competition.”

“And Yasu can help put together something for us to wear since he has good fashion sense,” Ohkura smiled at him.

And then all kinds of suggestions started filling the small room as everyone’s tensions went up. There was so much excitement in the room and Yasu was having trouble following who was talking to him and what they were suggesting when a tiny voice piped in with, “I’m in too…”

That was enough to stop all the talking and everyone looked around confused for a moment as they tried to figure out who had been speaking. Finally, they all turned to look at Subaru, staring blankly as they tried to process Subaru’s words.

“You mean you’ll come to the show?” Ohkura asked, a confused look crossing his face.

Subaru shook his head, “No, I mean I’ll join the show. Like do vocals…” He paused for a minute as his face pinkened. “I mean, if that’s okay…”

Yasu smiled brightly and if he weren’t wearing his guitar, he would have tackled Subaru to the floor. “Yes!” But then he turned to the rest of the members. It wasn’t really his decision. As much as he wanted to play with Subaru, maybe the others didn’t feel the same way.

When Yasu’s eyes landed on Ohkura again, he distinctly saw him reach up to wipe away a tear. “Really?” he asked, almost as though he thought he’d been imagining things.

Subaru smiled and nodded, “If it’s going to be Revolver’s last show, why not try to win it?”

Yasu smiled and this time the urge to hug Subaru was so strong he took off his guitar and set it aside before hurrying to Subaru and throwing his arms around him. “Subaru!”

Subaru laughed and hugged Yasu briefly before pushing him away gently. “We should practice, right?”

Yasu nodded, though he really would have preferred to stay in Subaru’s arms. “There’s an extra acoustic guitar over there,” he pointed.

Subaru nodded and went to retrieve it as everyone else finished getting ready. When he finally put the guitar on, he smiled and went to stand beside Yasu.

Yasu didn’t think life could get any better. He was in love, his band finally felt complete… everything seemed to be falling into place. A few months ago, he never would have believed this could happen. Hell, a month ago he wouldn’t have believed it. But now that Subaru was by his side, and he didn’t have to hide it, he couldn’t be happier. And the band…

Since Ohkura had stopped being so controlling and demanding, things had become more fun in the band. And though he’d always have to be separated from Subaru in those few hours, it was still a lot of fun. But now that Subaru had rejoined, life seemed so perfect.

And Subaru was amazing. When he sang, Yasu had trouble remembering he was supposed to be playing. He used to wonder why Revolver was so popular. He knew they weren’t untalented, but he’d thought that their popularity came from the fact that they were all good looking. But then he saw Subaru, the way he threw himself into the music, how powerful and beautiful and almost sexual his energy was when he sang, and Yasu knew.

Revolver was popular because of Subaru.

Yasu also understood why Maru and Daisuke were so angry when Ohkura had kicked Subaru out of the group. He understood why they hadn’t entered any competitions. He understood why not having a lead singer was such a problem.

That night, after rehearsal, Yasu could help but reach for Subaru’s hand as they walked home. “You were amazing,” Yasu said, his voice soft as he looked over at Subaru.

“Huh?” Subaru asked, his cheeks turning pink.

“Your voice,” Yasu began, and then realized he couldn’t even begin to put his feelings into words. The way Subaru made him feel when he sang. Yasu wondered if the effect was so strong on him because of the love he had for Subaru… but he doubted that was it. He knew that Subaru probably had the power to make anyone feel the way he felt in that moment. “You’re just incredible…”

Subaru didn’t say anything and it seemed he couldn’t really look at Yasu. “Are you going to come over for dinner?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

Yasu nodded. “Sure. Do you need help with homework?” He asked, because if Subaru was inviting him over for dinner, that was usually the case.

Subaru nodded, and squeezed Yasu’s hand as he tugged him towards his house. When they arrived, Subaru’s little brother was sitting at the table doing homework and turned to look at Subaru. “Where’s mom?” Subaru asked, looking around.

“She’s at her part time job,” his little brother said, looking suspiciously at Subaru and Yasu’s still joined hands.

Subaru nodded and pulled Yasu towards the stairs, “Let’s go study upstairs…”

“Mom said you’re not supposed to have friends in your room,” his little brother said snottily.

Yasu supposed that Taeko knew that they were dating, and she was probably trying to keep them from getting too carried away. That was an embarrassing thought for Yasu and he found himself blushing. But he supposed that there was a point in every parent’s life when they worried about their child becoming sexually active.

But it wasn’t like they were doing that. Not yet anyway, because Yasu found himself thinking about it more and more all the time. He wondered how it would feel. Would he like it? Who would be on top? He realized his thoughts were wandering down a dangerous path as Subaru ignored his little brother and pulled Yasu up the stairs.

As he entered Subaru’s room, he tried to shake the thought from his head. They were just studying! It wouldn’t do him any good to get himself all worked up.

But Subaru had different plans, it seemed, as he pulled Yasu onto his bed. Almost as soon as they were on the mattress, Subaru’s lips were on Yasu’s. Yasu fisted his hands into Subaru’s jacket, his mouth opening almost immediately to suck greedily on Subaru’s tongue. Subaru didn’t stop there as he pushed Yasu back against the bed and hovered over him. When they broke for air, Yasu panted, “Should we be doing this here? Your mom doesn’t want me in your room…”

“It’s okay,” Subaru assured him. “This is the only chance we’ll get today.”

Yasu couldn’t argue with Subaru’s logic, so he brought his legs up on the mattress and scooted back so they could lie down. “Okay,” Yasu said, a little shyly.

“Good,” Subaru said with a smile and crawled towards Yasu. He hovered over him, kissing his lips once, twice, before nudging Yasu’s legs open with his knee.

Yasu wrapped his arms around Subaru’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss, his stomach doing an excited flip as Subaru came to rest between his legs. As Subaru deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding sensuously against Yasu’s, Yasu found himself wanting more. He spread his legs further and bent his knees so that his feet were flat against the mattress.

From the moment Yasu saw Subaru in the morning, he wanted nothing more to kiss him, to feel his lips. Going all day, without being able to do something, was almost torture. Add to that all of the tension that had built up at band practice. They’d only been kissing for a few minutes, and Yasu was already hard.

Subaru must have felt it too, because he broke the kiss to give a small breathy moan.

Yasu squirmed against the mattress, moving his hips until he was pressed against Subaru and then both men gave a simultaneous moan as Subaru’s cock also hardened. “Yasu,” Subaru panted, reaching down to grab one of Yasu’s thighs as he began rubbing himself against Yasu.

This was new, Yasu thought with a moan. But he liked it. He could feel the outline of Subaru’s erection, hard and stiff as it rubbed against his own. Yasu began moving underneath Subaru, his hands sliding up the back of Subaru’s shirt, as the friction between their pelvises increased.

Subaru moaned again, breaking the kiss a second time to sit up and remove his jacket. And then he was back on Yasu, rubbing against him a little rougher and faster this time.

Yasu couldn’t contain the gasp that escaped him and he found that he really liked this, the feeling of Subaru against him, thrusting against him. His stomach did another flip as he imagined this scenario all over again, this time without any close. And the image of Subaru, naked and thrusting against him caused a moan to bubble up Yasu’s throat. He broke the kiss and looked at his boyfriend. “Subaru…” he said, his hands squeezing between their bodies to work at Subaru’s belt.

Subaru shook his head, “No time…”

And sure enough, at almost that exact moment, Yasu heard the door open downstairs and Subaru groaned, climbing off of Yasu.

“Subaru?” Taeko called.

Subaru sighed and sat up, pulling Yasu up with him. He reached over and grabbed a couple of books, handing one to Yasu and placing the other on his own lap. “Here.”

Taeko opened the door and poked her head into the room, “Oh, its Yasu.” She smiled warmly and opened the door the entire way before stepping into the room. “Are you staying for dinner?”

Yasu nodded, readjusting the book in his lap. “If that’s okay…”

“Of course,” Taeko smiled. She turned to leave, “Oh and don’t think you’re fooling anyone. Yasu’s lips are swollen and Subaru… your hair is a mess. If Yasu is going to come over to ‘study’ I want you to leave the door open.”

Yasu was sure his face was bright red and he reached up to touch his lips. Subaru just laughed, watching as his mom left. “Subaru, it’s not funny!”

“Yeah it is,” Subaru disagreed. “She’s not mad, so relax…”

Yasu pouted a little, although he was secretly glad that Subaru was being so much more open when it came to the physical side of their relationship.

“Don’t pout…” Subaru said, leaning over to kiss Yasu’s cheek.

“I can’t help it…” Yasu said. After a few moments he added, “And now we can’t even finish because we have to leave the door open…”

Subaru grinned and reached over, removing the book from Yasu’s lap. “Says who?” Subaru said, his knuckles brushing against Yasu’s crotch, renewing his erection.

Yasu looked over at Subaru with wide eyes, “Subaru, what are you - ?”

“Shhh,” Subaru said gripping Yasu through his pants as he looked down at his book. “Should we start with English or Math?” He asked nonchalantly, as if he weren’t rubbing his thumb against the head of Yasu’s cock in a way that was making him shudder. “Well?” he said after a few moments, giving Yasu’s crotch a squeeze.

“M-m-math…” Yasu squeaked out. Yasu was well aware that Taeko could walk by and see them at any minute, but Subaru didn’t seem concerned.

“So then what do I do with the coefficient again?” Subaru asked, looking down at the math book on his lap. He gripped Yasu tighter in his hand, sliding his hand up and down as best as he could while Yasu was still fully dressed.

The contact was more than enough for Yasu and he began wiggling against the bed as Subaru continued touching him. “Ahh,” he sighed.

Subaru stopped, “Yasu… the coefficient?”

Yasu blinked over at Subaru, wondering if his boyfriend honestly expected him to pay attention to a word he was saying. When Subaru just blinked at him, his hand unmoving, Yasu realized he did want him to explain it. “Um, divide it…” Yasu said, glancing over at the book.

“Like this?” Subaru asked, though all he did was start to stroke Yasu again.

“Yessss,” Yasu said, his eyes falling shut. “That’s good.”

Subaru laughed a little and the sound sent chills down Yasu’s spine. He continued stroking and squeezing and rubbing at Yasu’s cock until Yasu was so worked up that he couldn’t take any more. “Ahh, Subaru, stop!”

But Subaru just grinned at him and leaned over to kiss the corner of his mouth. “Almost done with the math homework…” he said, his thumb purposely rubbing at the head of Yasu’s erection until Yasu arched off the bed, shuddering and biting his bottom lip.

As Yasu came down from his orgasm, Subaru was watching him with a smile and he leaned forward to kiss Yasu. And then the full force of what had happened hit Yasu and he reached over to smack Subaru. “You jerk!”

Subaru laughed, “What kind of thank you is that?”

It wasn’t that Yasu didn’t like it or that he wanted to discourage Subaru from doing it again, but... “I have to walk around like this all night now!”

Subaru just laughed harder and stood up. “Relax,” he said as he walked to his dresser and opened it. He pulled out a pair of clean underwear and handed it to Yasu. “Can I get a thank you now?”

Yasu took the underwear and blushed. “Thank you,” he mumbled and stood up to go use the bathroom. As he went to the bathroom, he was almost in disbelief over Subaru. A few weeks ago, it had been impossible to get Subaru to touch him. Now he was almost a completely different person.

He finished changing and went back to the bedroom where Subaru was sitting on the bed waiting for him. Yasu pulled his book bag over so that he could stuff the underwear inside. “Wait,” Subaru said, looking at Yasu and almost blushing. “Can I keep them?”

Yasu’s stomach flipped yet again and he had to fight against a wave of arousal at the thought of what Subaru could possibly do with the dirtied underwear. With a blush he handed them to Subaru who hurriedly stuffed them under his pillow.

“Okay,” Subaru said, dropping the subject there, “Let’s study for real now…”

Yasu nodded and grabbed his book, though he was a little distracted. Yasu had always noticed a sexual energy surrounding Subaru, and he used to think it was simply because he was attracted to Subaru, but he realized now that Subaru was a very sexual person. How many 17 year olds were as naughty and dirty as Yasu was slowly finding Subaru to be?

It was thrilling. He wanted Subaru, and he liked that Subaru was so open to him now. That he was expressing himself to Yasu sexually. If anything, it only made Yasu love him more.

But it was hard for Yasu too, because he found himself wondering how sexual Subaru had been with Rikiya. In truth, Rikiya had probably seen sides of Subaru and done things with him that Yasu couldn’t even begin to imagine. And Yasu really hated to think about it, because he knew he should just be happy. He should be happy that Subaru was opening up, that he was allowing physical intimacy, that he was playing music with him.

But Yasu couldn’t be completely happy. Not when there were still questions surrounding Rikiya. Was Subaru still planning to leave after graduation? Did he love Yasu?

He didn’t want to think about it, or stress himself out worrying over it, but he couldn’t help it. As long as those questions still remained in the air, hanging over their heads, Yasu could never truly relax. As much as he wanted to let himself be happy, he couldn’t. Not when there was so much still unclear. Not when Rikiya still had some type of hold on Subaru.

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