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The Best Gift

[Fic] The Best Gift  
I was not good at waiting. Never have been, especially when it came to waiting for people. Waiting for him. Perhaps there was a large part of me that thought he wouldn't show up. Maybe he'd forgotten about the date. Or decided to go out with friends.

Because that's what Yasuda was like. He had a lot of friends. He was all sunshine and smiles and had more companions than he had time. Although he'd never stood me up before, I wouldn't blame him if he did. I'm sure there were far more interesting people for him to spend his free time with.

As all of these thoughts continued to repeat themselves inside of my head, I couldn't help but check my watch. We'd agreed to meet in Shibuya, not near Hachiko, but outside of a ramen shop we often ate at. Somewhere quiet where we wouldn't be recognized. Somewhere that I could reach over and hold his hand without having to worry who was watching us.

When he was five minutes late, my heart began to drop. And each time I glanced painfully down at my watch, each time I saw he was thirty seconds later, my heart began to drop further and further until it felt like a big heavy glob in my stomach.

To make matters worse, as I stood there waiting for him, raindrops began to fall on my head. Sighing and cursing my luck, I looked around for an eave or awning to stand under until the rain passed. If I was smart, I would go home. Yasu was almost twenty minutes late. But the irrational part of my brain wouldn't leave it at that, and I knew I would wait for him all day if I needed to.

I didn't have to look for an awning though, because suddenly I was dry. I looked up at the umbrella that had been placed over my head, and when I turned around an out-of-breath Yasu was smiling at me.

"Sorry I'm late," he murmured, coming closer so that we were both underneath the umbrella. I hadn't noticed how cold it had gotten until I could feel the heat of his body against mine.

I shook my head, returning the smile. "I haven't been waiting long," I lied.

"I stopped to buy an umbrella." He leaned forward brushing the wet matted hair from my forehead. "I knew you wouldn't bring one."

I stared down at my feet, feeling a little ashamed of myself for doubting that he would come. It was true that Yasuda had a lot of friends. But he would never stand any of them up. He would never stand me up. To top it all off, the only reason he was late was because he'd been thoughtful enough to bring me an umbrella.

"You look cold," he frowned, grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the ramen shop. "Let's get you something warm to eat."

I'd already felt warmer the minute he grabbed my hand, and as we entered the shop, I prayed that he wouldn't let go. I found myself smiling as he struggled to close the umbrella with his one free hand. He didn’t want to let go any more than I did. When he finally managed to fold the umbrella, he set it down by the door, an honest smile crossing his face as he dragged me across the dimly lit ramen shop to the counter.

It was late afternoon -- our favorite time to visit the shop. The lunch crowd had left and the dinner crowd wouldn’t be in for at least another hour. Save for a couple in a dark corner, Yasuda and I were the only people there.

“Two bowls of pork ramen, please,” Yasu smiled as the chef walked towards where we were sitting, placing two cups of hot tea in front of us.

We didn’t go there for ramen. Frankly, it wasn’t that good. No, it was the atmosphere that we came for. It was dark in the shop and there was always some type of sexy jazz music playing. Best of all, it was never crowded. In a city like Tokyo, here off the bustling streets of Shibuya, we’d managed to find a place that belonged to us.

An ease settled over the both of us, and I smiled as Yasu started humming along with the music while we waited for our ramen to arrive. “Ah,” he said, letting go of my hand from where he’d still been holding it under the counter. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a box. “Happy birthday, Subaru,” he smiled, sliding the box across the counter towards me.

I looked down at the box, realizing that this had been the first time since my birthday we’d been alone together. “But you already gave me a present,” I pointed out, referring to the celebration the other members had already thrown for me.

“I know,” Yasu remarked, a light blush coloring his cheeks. “But this one is more personal.”

I picked up the little box, untying the ribbon. I felt nervous as Shota leaned against the counter, resting his chin in his palm as he watched me remove the lid. Inside was a key, hidden beneath a piece of red tissue paper.

“A key to my apartment,” Yasuda murmured into his palm. “I know it’s cheesy, but I think it’s a bit overdue.”

I pulled out my keychain, immediately adding the key to it. I wasn’t sure what to say to him. We’d been together, off and on, for the past however many years. There were times when life got too hectic, and we didn’t see as much of each other.

Or sometimes he grew tired of spending all of his free time with me. Maybe I became to hard to deal with. I became to clingy or needy and didn’t give him the space he needed. He’d end up overwhelmed and push me away from him.

Or there were the times when I grew jealous of the attention Yasu would give others. When he seemed to gaze at Ryo or Ohkura or Hina (who would have guessed) with the same adoration that I thought should be only for me. Those times when my stomach churned in disgust at the thought he might be sharing himself with someone other than me. Those times when I would push him away because it hurt too much.

“You can come and go whenever you want, now,” He added, the blush on his cheeks darkening as he waited for me to reply.

I didn’t know how to reply. This was a big step in our relationship, one we hadn’t really talked about. The fact that he’d given me the key to his apartment meant that he wanted me to be around. That he didn’t mind if I was there when he got home. He wasn’t going to push me away this time.

“Thank you,” I finally managed, leaning over and kissing his lips.

The kiss was brief. We were away from the eyes of others, but we both knew better than to push our luck. As much as I wanted to kiss him good and hard, this was neither the time nor the place. He must have been thinking the same thing, because as the chef set the ramen down in front of us, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

I turned away from him, picking up my chopsticks in an effort to dispel my desire to kiss him. I couldn’t shake the through from my head though, because Yasu’s thigh was pressed flush against mine and our elbows kept bumping against each other and all I could think of was how I wanted to feel more of him against me.

“I’m not really hungry,” Yasu commented, trying to sound off hand.

“Me neither,” I said, setting down the chopsticks.

Yasu took out his wallet, pulling two 1000yen notes from inside and setting it on the counter. “Do you want to go test out that key?”

Butterflies filled my stomach at the realization of what he was implying and I found myself hopping off the stool like it was on fire. “Let’s go,” I grabbed his hand and pulled him from the shop. Outside, I continued pulling him down the street towards the train station.

“Wait,” he stopped me. “Let’s take a taxi. It’ll be quicker.”

I nodded, pulling him towards one of the cabs waiting near the station. Another plus side of cabs, I thought as I pulled Yasuda in, was that they were private. Inside, I wasted no time, pressing myself as close to Shota as I could without sitting directly on his lap.

We were both wet, the umbrella forgotten in our haste to leave the ramen shop. As I pressed my nose against Shota’s neck all I could smell was his shampoo and the rain. When I pressed my lips against his pulse, I could feel his heart beat quicken. When I opened my mouth, pressing my tongue to his throat, a strangled moan left his lips.

“Stop,” he tried pushing me away. “The cab driver might recognize us.”

I tried to protest, but I didn’t want to risk ruining Yasuda’s mood. I settled for being a good boy and just held his hand as the driver brought us to Yasu’s apartment.

When we arrived, Yasu pulled out his wallet and paid the driver. I followed him out of the cab and inside of his building. In the lobby, I could tell that he was just as anxious as I was, tapping his foot impatiently as we waited for the elevator.

The elevator finally reached the ground floor and as soon as the doors open, Yasu was pulling me inside. As soon as the doors closed, he had me pressed against the wall, his lips attacking mine.

“You know,” I mumbled into the kiss, “There’s a camera in here.”

Yasu growled in annoyance, pushing away from me and folding his arms across his chest. I couldn’t tell if he was annoyed at me, or the fact that he would have to wait just a little bit longer to have me to himself.
I realized, as the doors opened on his floor, that it was definitely the latter.  He grabbed my hand then, dragging me down the hall towards his door.

I reached into my pocket, pulling out my newly acquired key and sticking it into the lock. I twisted it and pushed open the door, hurrying inside. Yasuda removed his shoes, stepping into his apartment and moving around anxiously behind me. I pulled the key from the lock and shut the door before removing my own shoes.

“Do you want something to drink?” He asked, offering just to be polite.

I shook my head, crossing the room towards him and wrapping my arms around his waist as I brought my mouth to his. As soon as our lips touched, he opened his mouth to me, his wet tongue sliding out to meet mine.

My hands curved around, gripping his hips tightly as I tilted my head back allowing him to dominate the kiss. His hands were already up the back of my shirt, his calloused fingers digging into my back. He broke this kiss, pulling my wet shirt over my head and letting it fall with a plop to the floor.

I reached over, pulling him back, desperate to feel the heat of his body against me.

“Wait,” he breathed, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bedroom.

I tried to be patient as I followed him to his bedroom, but he seemed intent on taking his time.

“Take off your clothes,” He mumbled, pulling his own shirt off over his head.

“You’re in a rush. No foreplay, then?” I asked, undoing my belt and pushing my pants down to my ankles.

“I don’t want the bed to get wet,” he rolled his eyes, tossing the shirt towards a laundry hamper across the room.

“Let me help you,” I finished kicking off my pants and crossed the short distance between us. I kissed him, sliding my tongue across his lips as my hands went to work on the button on his pants.

He reached up, burying his hands in my fresh cut hair, moaning into my mouth as my fingers brushed against his rapidly hardening length. I slowly pushed his pants down to his knees.

“Subaru,” he mumbled against my lips as my fingers teased at the waistband of his underwear. I brought my fingers lower still, teasingly brushing against him and cupping him through the fabric. He tilted his head back, his breathing slowing as he pushed himself back against my hand. “Touch me.”

I smiled, burying my face against his neck as I yanked his underwear down. I could feel him hard against my stomach, his precum sticky on my skin. I reached down, grabbing his length in my hand and pumping my fist over him.

My lips left his neck, trailing across his collar bone and down his chest. I paused, flicking my tongue over his nipples and delighting in the way his whole body tensed. I continued my way down, kneeling in front of him, my tongue dipping into his belly button as I buried his hands in my hair, pushing me down.

I gripped him tight in my hand my tongue darting out to lick the head of his cock. He groaned and his fingers were digging almost painfully into my head as he raised his hips, trying to bury himself in my mouth. I pulled away grinning up at him.

“Stop teasing,” He scolded, his voice breathy. The look in his eyes was a mixture of lust, annoyance and adoration.

I smiled, leaning forward and pressing my wet lips against him once more before opening my mouth to him. He groaned as my tongue slid against the underside of his shaft and I found myself gagging as he pushed himself deep in my mouth.

I could hear him panting, and when I looked up his eyes were squeezed shut in pleasure. I gripped at his hips, stilling him as I slid my mouth over him once again. “Wait, Subaru,” he panted. “I want to come inside of you.” He pulled me up into a kiss and slid his tongue into my mouth, tasting himself on my lips.

Wrapping his arms around my waist, he dragged me towards the bed, pushing me down on the mattress. He wasted no time, pulling down my underwear and wrapping his hand around me. “Are you ready?” he asked, sliding his hand up and down my swollen cock.

I couldn’t answer, his rough hands felt too good on me. In response I spread my legs for him, shuttering as he pressed a finger, slick with his own spit, against my opening. I groaned, spreading myself open further for him as he wiggled a finger inside of me.

He leaned forward, taking my cock into his mouth. I could do nothing but moan, his lips tightening around me as he added a second and third finger. His lips felt so good on me and I realized that it had been far too long since the last time we’d done this.

He sat up and I moaned at the loss of his lips on my dick. But he was looking at me, my face and my body, with a look of lust that had my insides turning to liquid. “Are you ready?” he asked, still panting as he slid his free hand over his own cock.

I nodded and he pulled his fingers out of me, leaning forward and pressing my knees to my chest. Hovering over me, he pressed the sticky head of his dick against my opening and I squeezed my eyes shut, the pleasure already almost too much. Still gripping my knees, he pushed himself in roughly. I groaned at the mixture of pleasure and pain as his pelvis smacked against my ass.

Then we were both panting, and I grabbed Shota’s face, pulling him down into a kiss. I’d missed the feel of his body, slick with sweat on top of mine. I missed the little noises he made as my muscles squeezed him tight. I missed the sloppy way he kissed me as he thrust himself shallowly inside of my body, his face screwed up in an expression that only I was allowed to see.  Most of all, I missed the way he filled and stretched me, the completeness I felt every time we came together like this.

His lips left mine and he buried his face against my neck. His thrusts became fast and erratic, the bed shaking underneath us, the headboard knocking against the wall, as he pounded into me. His breath was coming out in hot puffs against my neck. “I’m going to cum.”

I nodded, feeling close to that point as I met his thrusts, my own cock rubbing against his stomach with each thrust. The room filled with the sounds of panting and our skin slapping against one another as we both neared our peak. “Hurry,” I panted, my entire body tingling as I teetered on the edge of orgasm.

Yasu just nodded in reply sitting up and spreading my legs open further. The new angle was all I needed to push me over the edge, and I squeezed my eyes shut, coming hard. Yasuda wasn’t far behind, my muscles squeezing tight around him and he buried himself to the hilt inside of me, shaking as he came.

He collapsed on top of me, heavy and sticky with sweat and cum. I didn’t mind, I welcomed the weight. Anything to feel him against me, to feel this close to him. After a moment, he rolled off of me, pulling me close to his body.

I let him hold me there for a few minutes, but when I tried to sit up he shook his head. “Stay.”

“I should clean up and get home. We have work first thing tomorrow morning,” I mumbled, trying to sit up once more. I was so used to it ending, to him pushing me away. I didn’t want to crowd him or his privacy. I’d made that mistake and pushed him away too many times before.

“You can stay the night,” he commented, pulling me back into him.

I didn’t protest, clinging to him and just savoring the moment, because I wasn’t sure if he would ever extend such an offer again.

Then he surprised me as he cuddled into me, burying his face against my neck, “You can stay tomorrow too.”


“And the next day,” he murmured, and I could feel him smiling against my neck.

Then it dawned on me, “Are you asking me to move in?”

I could feel his grin widen against my neck, could practically hear his smile as he shook with silent laughter. “If you want to...”

I didn’t really need to think about it. This was a scary step. I wasn’t sure if it would work out. Maybe I would end up suffocating him and pushing him away once more. Or maybe my jealousy would get in the way and ruin everything. But if Yasu was willing to give it a try, then I would too.

“Happy birthday,” he mumbled against my neck and I could tell that he was almost asleep.

“I love you,” I whispered, pressing my lips against his forehead.

“I love you too, Baru,” was the last thing he said before his soft snores filled the room.

Yasuda Shota was the best birthday gift I’d ever gotten.


A/N: Written as a birthday present for gekkouw and based on the many conversations with anippan  regarding Subassan's complex relationship.

P.S. This is my first Yasuba oneshot, so constructive criticism is appreciated ♥
Tags: nc-17, oneshot, pairing: shibutani subaru/yasuda shota

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  • Subaru is a Creeper, or The Buttwasher [Ficlet]

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